Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hey. Well, I went and saw Hamlet 2 last night with Team Bloom and Jennifer. I have to admit that I had read some reviews of it that made it sound sort of questionable, so my expectations were low going in, but it actually turned out to be quite a bit funnier than I anticipated. Steve Coogan does a good job of playing the enthusiastic and well-meaning drama teacher who's completely clueless and lacking in talent. Coogan sort of reminds me of Martin Short at times (who I somehow usually end up enjoying, even though I never expect to).

What else? Apparently some hackers from the internet group, Anonymous, have hacked Sarah Palin's personal email account and posted some of its content up on the web. Needless to say, Steanso isn't a big Sarah Palin fan, but I still find this sort of thing to be completely indefensible and criminal (hey- if I don't want anyone else doing it to me, then I don't think it's fair to be doing it to anyone else. In this sort of case I really think it's that simple.) Whoever did this needs to go to jail.

That being said, I find this Anonymous group sort of fascinating. Admittedly, this is the sort of interest that one might have in the Jesse James gang or Al Capone or any other number of notorious criminals, but I find the whole thing kind of captivating, nonetheless.

I've actually heard of Anonymous before, but it seems like the prior news stories I had seen them in involved harrassment of the Church of Scientology and the singling out of certain individual or business sites for attacks on the web. I just don't really get what they're up to. They don't really seem to have any sort of a cohesive agenda, and it's not even clear that there's any kind of coordination or organization behind individuals who are operating under the Anonymous name. It seems like Anonymous is sort of just a faceless mob- a collection of different people with different goals and different agendas who all have come to realize that there's a certain degree of safety in hiding within a nameless, faceless pack of individuals who call attach the name Anonymous to their actions.

People operating under the name of Anonymous do, however, seem to be somewhat creative in their protests (over 7,000 people in V for Vendetta style Guy Fawkes masks protested outside of Scientology centers in a number of different cities around the world on February 10th of this year), and they have some sort of twisted talent in their ability to hack computer systems and otherwise turn technology against its users. Anyway, I know that they're causing some serious trouble. I also know that I don't really want to piss them off.

What else....? Man, I just don't have all that much today. The stock market keeps bouncing up and down. It seems to be doing better today than the last couple of days, but somehow I doubt that really means too much (I've long ago decided that the stock market is subject to the emotional ups and downs of a bunch of overly emotional traders who have all of the discipline and fortititude of a third grade cheerleading squad. Over the short term, the movement of the market just doesn't mean all that much.).
I tried to watch Fringe again last night, and once again it started off fairly creepy, but it quickly devolved into a Scooby Doo-style, formulaic cop show involving mad scientists. The dialogue was pretty clunky, too.

And so I guess that's it. Here's an article from the New York Times about the persistence of goth, as a fashion statement and subculture. For those who care about such things.

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