Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's been kind of a strange weekend. I went home Friday night and didn't do a whole lot more than watch TV coverage of Hurricane Ike. As I said before, my mom is out in Florida with my grandfather, so Dad was all alone as the storm rolled in. Having discovered some roof damage to his house even before the hurricane arrived, Dad elected to ride out the storm in Houston, putting buckets under his leaks and checking to make sure the elements didn't take hold in other ways. Anyway, I watched a lot of TV on Friday night and watched the hurricane roll in over Galveston and Houston.

Saturday I talked to Dad and discovered that their house had made it through more or less intact, but the power was out, and things were getting sort of uncomfortable. Still, the rain continued to fall, so Dad decided to stay in Spring until he could be sure that water damage wasn't going to be a problem.

On Saturday Cassidy managed to sort of strain or sprain her leg while playing with Dolly, one of the hurricane refugee dog that I'm currently hosting. Three legged dogs don't do too well when one of their legs is out of commission, so I hung out with Cassidy for a lot of the day in order to keep an eye on her (it also gave me an excuse to watch continuing coverage of the news about the hurricane). I also watched Starship Troopers 3 (it was pretty stupid and not all that enteratining- I would avoid it unless you're a diehard fan of the franchise), and I watched a David Mamet movie called Redbelt.

Redbelt was about a jiu jitsu instructor who gets sort of sucked into the world of mixed martial arts fighting (as in tournament style, with television coverage and big cash prizes). Unsurprisingly, David Mamet seems to have developed a newfound fascination with jiu jitsu and mixed martial arts (I say unsurprisingly because he seems to have a keen appreciation for all things macho, and in particular, for subjects that have their own, independent sort of mythology and folklore- the kinds of subjects that seem to organically develop their own subculture). Anyway, Redbelt was sort of mildly interesting, but it's nowhere close to being Mamet's best work, and the dialogue of the film lacks his usual crispness and understated intelligence. If you're a fan of the martial arts, in particular, it's probably worth checking out, and it's worth mentioning that Chiwetel Ejiofor does a really good job as martial arts instructor Mike Terry. The problem isn't with the way he plays the character- the problem simply lies in the fact that we've seen this character- the noble martial arts practitioner who disdains violence for the sake of violence, but who ultimately ends up with his back to the wall with no choice but to fight- we've seen this countless times before. Ejiofor brings humanity and believability to the role, but the overall plot just feels like something dreamed up by some kid who has recently become exposed to and enthralled by martial arts for the first time (not the dialogue, mind you, which isn't among Mamet's best, but is still pretty good, but the plot itself- it just feels like Mamet created the whole enterprise as a show and tell for some cool jiu jitsu moves, and to share some of the dogmatic ethical principles that he picked up at his dojo). Anyway, not the worst movie, but definitely not Mamet's best.

On Saturday night I went out with friends to see Delta Spirit at the Parish. Dr. Dog was playing that night, too, and was actually the headliner, but we were primarily interested in seeing Delta Spirit, and the Parish was really stuffy and hot, so we bailed before Dr. Dog ever took the stage. I thought Delta Spirit sounded pretty good. Not overly complicated, but they have cool, catchy songs (there were little elements of Arcade Fire and the Rolling Stones in there somewhere), and I really like their lead singer's voice. They're playing at ACL Fest on the first day, I think sometime right after Vampire Weekend, so I want to go check them out again.

Today my dad came into town to escape his unairconditioned home, and we went to Steiner Ranch to look at his new house with him. It's coming along very nicely, and it'll be a great place to hang out once he and Mom move to Austin.

Well, that's it for the moment. Just wanted to make a Sunday post since I had the chance.


Meredith said...

Are you giving up political banter altogether now? It's been a long time! I was glad you rose to my challenge, but also sort of miss the friendly bantering back and forth. I am sure Baron may miss it too??

Anonymous said...

atta grhl queenie. Let him see the nonsense he blathers by regurgitating mindless liberal loons.

The League said...

but when will da baron see the nonsense HE blathers by regurgitating mindless neo-con loons?

da baron, I can't help but note that when you refer to anyone not in line with your viewpoint as a "mindless liberal loon", it doesn't exactly warm anyone toward wanting to give your comments any serious consideration. When you regularly point out that you are unwilling to give other viewpoints so much the courtesy as conceding they'd belong to a person of sound mind, why should I, or anyone, give you the same courtesy?

Your abrasive approach actually detracts from any reasonable arguments you might make, and has the opposite effect that I assume one would wish to have if they truly cared about changing minds. You have no respect for Steanso, so why is it important that you lurk in the comment section? For someone you don't know and who, honestly, has little to no effect on anyone else's opinion, why are you worried about Steanso, of all people? (Sorry, Steanso.... but I mean, come on...)

I have no idea why you haven't moved on, da baron, but I do know why Steanso has blocked your comments while happily chatting with others.

Honestly, your behavior is kind of sad and a bit creepy. That's not a dig, that's more of an observation.

Now, I am sure that you have already written me off as a "mindless liberal loon" for not cheerleading you, and that's too bad. I am sure with the amount of time you spend agonizing over Steanso's little blog here, you probably have something to say...

But thus far, addressing legitimate responses to your comments has not been your strong point, so I won't be too surprised if you don't find a Drudge-approved, pre-packaged trolling disparaging comment for me.

Right now, though, you're sort of coming across as the crazy street-preacher bum who everyone walks past as quickly as possible.

I hope that this helps. But I'm pretty sure it won't.

I say this, and I really, really mean it... if you're looking for a readership and a way to show the world how Steanso is nothing but a mindless liberal dweeb, get a blogger account.

Whatever the voices are telling you to get out there to the world, you CAN. For FREE. AND, it will give you the added benefit of not just your own soapbox, but your own forum where you can build an audience and link back to Steanso's rants all you want. You can break them down and reveal him for the fraud he most assuredly is.

And surely that's the best revenge (and a lot more about how the internet is supposed to work).

Best of luck, from a mindless, apolitical observer.

J.S. said...

Mindless liberal loons. Stupid liberals. They've gone to the mat for women's rights and civil rights repeatedly for the people of this country. They gave us the Social Security Act, Medicaid, and Medicare (Ronald Reagan went on record stating that Medicare would result in the death of freedom in our country). Liberal loons, fighting conservative opposition the whole way, ended legal racial and gender discrimination. Liberal loons gave us Head Start and food stamps. They gave us legislation for clean air and water. Out of control liberals passed child labor laws so that kids might have some time to go to school and they passed laws to help make food and medications safer. Liberal loons have sought to make college less expensive and to provide service programs whereby students can pay for college by performing service within their community. These things are just the tip of the iceberg of what these out of control mindless liberal loons have done to help the people of this country. Can't stand those mindless, liberal loons...