Monday, September 29, 2008

...and a brief ACL Fest summary

Well, it's over again. ACL Fest #7. 3 days of sound, sun, friends, and fun, and now it's over. It was a good ACL Fest. I saw some favorites, who put on a good show and didn't disappoint (David Byrne, The Raconteurs, Neko Case, Band of Horses, etc.), and I saw some newer faces who I'm becoming a fan of (Delta Spirit, Okkervil River, Gogol Bordello, Black Joe Lewis, Stars, etc.). Gillian Welch was good (and she sang some stuff with Alison Krauss), and Beck was good and played an interesting set, even though it was sort of short (he managed to take a lot of the sampling and looping out of his songs and translated them into a format more befitting a live band for much of his set, but he also had songs where his entire band played handheld electronic instruments from the front of the stage- I thought it was good). I think that The Raconteurs and David Byrne tied for my two favorite sets. They were both really great.
The weather was really pretty good this year, although there was still a lot of dust (I'm still coughing it up today). It was good to see all the friends out there at the festival. Hope you guys all had a good time.

On a final note, this was my third ACL Festival since Jeff passed, and although I really did have a good time, I've come to realize that things are just never going to be quite the same at ACL Fest without his energy and enthusiasm. As I've said before, Jeff had a love of music and of having fun that was just contagious, and although I'll always love live music and the festival (and truly love and appreciate the chance to share it with my friends), I think that ACL Fest is always going to remind me of Jeff. He talked me into going to the first ACL Fest, I had a really amazing time, and I've been thoroughly enjoying them ever since. So, anyway, Jeff- I was thinking about you.

To all the friends (and my brother) who shared ACL Fest with me this year- thanks for making it another really great experience. Wouldn't trade it for the world.



Anonymous said...

I looked for you on Saturday but never saw you. Maybe if you were taller, you would have been easier to spot.


Anonymous said...

it was a great fest of course but it is bitter sweet every year without Jeff there. I thought about how he never got to see Band of Horses and he loved them. They were amazing. Ellie and I rocked hard up at the front and for a moment felt like he might have been up there with us.