Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What's up, groovers? Very little blogging time today. Busy, busy, busy. Seems like lots of new crimes are being committed, and the people who have already committed crimes all want to know what is going on with their cases. Arrrgh.

Court this morning was ok. Judge Bender made fun of my picture on my court ID badge (which is pretty funny because I sneezed while they were taking the picture), but on the up side, I got some guy's second DWI case reduced to obstructing a roadway (which I like to think of as a glorified parking ticket).

We're s'posed to have Crack practice tonight, rescheduled after it was inexplicably canacelled on Monday.

In other news, Kelly is thinking about adopting the child of one of her old friends who is now in jail, I think on drug charges (this friend definitely has a drug problem, anyway). I'm skeptical, but we'll see what happens.

I am starving and looking forward to Mandy's Mexican casserole for dinner.


CrackBass said...

ann yong

Anonymous said...

i hope Kelly reads this and furthermore that she is required to watch Arrested Development before adopting anything other than a bad habit...

p.s. watch Arrested Development on Fox Sundays at 7:30 for more updates

and the correct spelling (from camp) is "annyoung"

Anonymous said...

DOKTOR PALKA in das Haus--

It's 1 AM and I am here manning the hospital, chain smoking and watching Adult Swim.

Would you be comfortable with the knowldege that the only doctor standing between your grandma and certain death smells like nicotine and thinks Aqua Teen Hunger Force is brilliant?

To the Meat Bridge-