Thursday, March 03, 2005

Steanso is having a rough day, kids. I got in an argument about payments with one client this morning and she both yelled at me and cried before we were done. Then I got back to the office and found out I withdrew from a client's case who had paid us (I was given a note telling me to withdraw, but somehow it's still my fault). On top of that, I didn't show up in court for one client because I had been told he wasn't going to be there (Travis changed his mind and told the client to show up, but didn't tell me).
It's just one hell of a screwed up day. Had a pretty nice lunch with Jennifer at the little sandwich shop by the courthouse. I'm starting to think that the people who run that sandwhich shop make more money and have more fun at work than I do.
What else...? Watched M. Night Shyamalan's The Village last night with Crackbass. It was ok. Not as bad as I had heard that it was, but certainly not as good as The 6th Sense. M. Night seems to be pretty good at artistic direction in his movies (they're always fun to look at), but he seems less adept at writing solid scripts- in particular the dialogue. The dialogue in this movie seemed particularly strained, but that may have quite a bit to do with the fact that the movie was a "period piece" and Shyamalan was trying to write in the vernacular of the time. Anyway, I probably shouldn't spend too much time reviewing a movie that everyone has already seen except me.
Jeff "Crackbass" Wilson's birthday is tomorrow, so everyone wish him well. It's also my mother's birthday tomorrow, (Karen "Karebear" Steans) so wish her well, too!

My day eventually got better. Somewhat. Still feel like I'm a little overwhelmed at the ol' office.
Meatloaf tonight with the Wilsons, so that's a good thing. The Wilsons feed me a lot, which is good b/c it helps me eat better than I normally would and I like hanging out with them, but bad b/c I don't cook (making it hard to return the favor), and I feel like Cassidy gets neglected many nights when I come home and then immediately roll across the street to Casa de Wilson. I try to take the Wilsons out to dinner on a semi regular basis in order to reciprocate, but that doesn't do much to appease my 3 legged dog. Oh well, I think tonight I will just enjoy meatloaf and not overanalyze. A late night walk can make up for a lot of away time when dealing with the Wondermutt.

And in closing, check this out:

This woman tastes musical notes. Her senses are wired to her brain in such a way that auditory sensations become converted to taste. That's pretty awesome- at least for the short term. Makes me wonder what different songs would taste like. Sensation and perception are topics which fascinate me. What if we could hear different sights or see different sounds? (I guess that maybe that's just echolocation, similar to the abilities of bats or dolphins) Anyway, I just wonder if different senses would make us notice different things (or pay attention to different things), interpret things differently, and perceive the whole world in a different way. Then again, maybe it's a good thing that we can't see people passing gas...

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The League said...

She sounds like a Grant Morrison character from Doom Patrol.