Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tuesday, and the winter weather has returned. Hopefully this is the last gasp of coldness.

Had a really nice lunch today with Jennifer. We talked about justice, our jobs, and courthouse personalities.

I had my fresh fish dinner last night at the Wilson house with Mandy and Jeff as well as Jajuan (sp?) and Don, Jeff's parents. They're nice people with a cute wiener dog puppy (Daisy). It's funny watching Jeff try to enforce the Wilson house rules with his parents. I've long ago become accustomed to these little guidelines (i.e., no sitting on the leather sofa with the dogs, no picking the dogs up and playing with them at the dinner table, etc.), but it's funny trying to watch Crackbass maintain law and order when the perpetrators of the house violations are the same people who gave birth to him. Plus, it's amusing to watch the wiener dogs, since they have apparently come to realize that they can get away with murder with Jeff's parents. You can almost see the wheels turning in their little doggy brains as they sort out the angles- more treats and mayhem.
The Wilsons have also bestowed a lovely birthday gift upon me in the form of a small Buddha statue which I have placed in my front yard by my front step. I know that many Buddhas are depicted smiling, but this guy is really having a good time. All readers are encouraged to stop by The Hop-a-Long Lounge and meet my new guardian. Cassidy hasn't sorted out things with Buddha yet, and still growls at him a bit when out in the front yard. Buddha mostly laughs in response.
My 32nd birthday is fast approaching. I'm not sure what to make of it (possible fear and loathing?), and have no real plans for celebration. Maybe a brief happy hour on Friday? Possibly nothing at all? I'm not sure...
By all accounts my brother's new puppy, Lucy, is unbearably cute. I shall have to up the ante by adopting a koala bear and dressing it up in a panda costume. Top that, you desert-dwelling bastards!
Also of note, Austin has gained a new talk radio station at KOKE AM 1600 with a politically liberal talk format. I know that talk radio in and of itself may annoy some of you, but it's a nice alternative to Rush Limbaugh for those of you who are interested in such things. The reception in my car isn't all that strong on 1600 AM.... undoubtedly a conservative conspiracy. Anyway, this used to be a mostly Spanish language station (with Steanso's friend, Jeff Peek, one of their leading on air personalities- but that's a different story), but I guess they're mixing things up. Al Franken was in town to promote the station yesterday (their programming is nationally syndicated).
Well, that's it for now. Maybe more later if I can get a few free moments.

It's later. Terri Lynn Carrington. Thanks to Reed for correcting me on the name of Herbie Hancock's drummer. She was freaking wicked, and one of the best drummer's I've seen play live- man or woman. You go, Terri!


The League said...

Lucy is even cuter than a panda in a kangaroo suit. And we saw Terri Lynn Carrington play about 3 years ago at One world Theater. With Reed and Heather.

Steanso said...

I did know that we had seen her before with Herbie at One World, but I couldn't remember her name.

Peabo said...

Go figure......a radio station with me as a leading on air personality had to switch formats. Actually, now that 1600 AM has become Air Crybaby errrr America (sorry, I hate all political talk shows, right and left) they have taken our Spanish Clark Howard show to 1440 AM. That's right kids, you can still hear Los Gueros on Saturday mornings. Turn off those cartoons and tune in to hear a bunch of white guys butchering a foreign language and giving half baked legal advice. Rumor has it you can hear 1440 well outside of Austin, so you can enjoy it for much of your drive down to Houston !