Friday, March 25, 2005

Sort of Good Friday

Sorry blog readers. I wrote a short post yesterday, but then somehow it didn't publish when I thought that it already had. Now that post is, sadly, gone forever. Oh well.

Happy birthday to Jamie McSteans, beloved sister-in-law and one hell of a mean dancer. Jamie is 30 years old today, so let's all wish her a super happy birthday (even though she's leaving for vacation in San Diego today and probably won't read this).

And what's up with me having to work on Good Friday? I understand separation of church and state and all of that stuff, but I want a 3 day weekend sometime in the vicinity of Easter, damnit! Call it the Passover Break if you want. I don't care. Judges are fighting over whether or not they can post the ten commandments at the courthouse, and meanwhile I can't even get an extra day off to celebrate the resurrection of the messiah that I don't believe in! An outrage, I tell you.

Here's something else for you cats to chew on. How come Bush is all fired up to fix Social Security (when it's not even clear that it's broken), but meanwhile he won't lift a finger to fix medicare or the health care system in general as the elderly and disabled are being refused treatment because of skyrocketing health care costs? For your consideration I offer this suggestion- it's because Bush's cronies will make a mint off of the "dumb government money" being pumped into Wall Street by the privatization of social security, while the repair of Medicare and the medical system in general will probably require the regulation of medication prices and cost money to Bush's cronies in the pharmaceutical industry. These pharmaceutical companies are those same bastards who tell us that our drug prices are high because of their manufacturing and development costs, but at the same time they are sinking millions upon millions of dollars into their advertising budgets to produce commercials that encourage uneducated patients to tell their doctors which prescription drugs they need. These drug company jackasses are the same bastards who are helping to fund the GOP war chest while bending America over a barrel. It's all fucked up. Fix the health care system, George. We don't need people gambling with their retirement money- we need prescription drugs that people can afford without having to take out a second mortgage.

That's it for now. Got clients. Mayhaps more later.

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