Friday, March 04, 2005

Hey, it's Friday! Also Jeff Wilson's birthday. Hoorah!

The weekend couldn't have come at a better time. This has been a long week. Judge Kennedy appointed me to represent some woman this morning who had fired her lawyer because the judge wouldn't go along with the probation deal that the attorney had worked out (which wasn't the attorney's fault at all). Anyway, to make a long story short, she ended up getting five months in jail, but that should seem light since she was supposed to be looking at 2 to 10 years in the pokey.
I had another client who had been on felony probation which had been transferred to Arkansas, but then he tested dirty for drugs up in Arkansas (apparently, in an impressive display of fortitude, the client tested dirty for "every drug they have a test for"), and they sent him back to Texas. Judge Lynch made some wisecracks about what a bad person you have to be in order to be kicked out of Arkansas and then sentenced that dude to state jail.
Whammo! Jason works for an hour and a half and two clients end up in prison. Wheee!

We're supposed to go out drinking tonight for Jeff's birthday. I'm a little bit afraid. It's bound to be one of those Fridays which destroys my Saturday.
My mom and dad went down to the Valley to go visit friends Barbara and Paul Smith for Mom's birthday. Hopefully she will have a good birthday and sneak low cost prescription drugs across the border for her loving family.
No band practice for the Mono E this weekend. Eric, Reed, and Jim are all down in Mexico laying on the beach and drinking tequila. Bastards. Just remember, fellow Ensemblers- if the ocean suddenly rolls away from the beach and everything gets quiet, you should probably run. Inland. Tsunamis have been the downfall of many promising, young bands. Reed would definitely be washed out to sea in the case of a tsunami b/c he would have to stop and gather up all of his belongings and put them in his backpack before leaving the beach.

It has not escaped my attention that D.K. Punzi has been dodging me at lunch lately. I think she hates me and is plotting against me.

In the news,,2933,149397,00.html
Great. Some jackass kills four cops for raiding his pot farm. I'm sure the conservative media will make a lot of hay out of this, condemning evil pot users out there who are caught in the grip of "reefer madness" and are dying to shoot at cops. The fact that this guy was not your average pot smoker will, I'm sure, be downplayed (the suspect had a record that included illegal firearms and sexual assault). This case could have been written up as "Gun Nut Kills Four Mounties" since the guy had a history with guns and obviously was willing to use the guns currently in his possession against the police, but that story wouldn't have sold as well with Fox's conservative demographic, so instead we get a story about a pot smoker gone mad. Liberal media, my ass.

I've been a criminal defense attorney now for about 7 years and I've seen dozens if not hundreds of assault cases, and I'm here to tell you that for every violent crime that involves pot, there are about 20 or 30 that involve alcohol (and the ones that involve pot usually involve alcohol as well). People who smoke pot just don't seem to get as riled up and violent as people who are drinking, but the conservatives will never acknowledge this fact because: A) we have a long tradition of alcohol consumption in this country (and if my daddy did it, it can't be wrong) and B) this country has too much invested in the alcholic beverage industry to turn against it.
Write your senators, kids. The time for hypocrisy is over. Drunk driving and alchol-fueled fights will come to an end as people stay home to smoke pot, watch movies and order pizza. What a beautiful world. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

One last note. The Zilker kite flying festival is Sunday if it isn't raining. Everyone go to it, look up into the sky at the creations of your neighbors, and be happy.

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The League said...

Happy Birthday, Wilson... you miserable bastard. I sent you a big bag of PeanutButter and Jeremy comics. HA HA HA