Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Well, just a quick post while I wait on a friend to go to lunch. Erin has resurfaced, so we can all rejoice in the fact that she was not, in fact, buried by a mudslide.
All of the county employees seem to think their computers are down, and yet here I am using one to post on my blog site. Hmmmm.....

Here's a quick note to people who think it's a good idea to kill the families of judges- as your attorney, I would advise against it. Can't imagine that it would help your case. Also, it makes you go to hell.

Lunch with Crackbass at the Ranch 616. It was a good lunch. One of the waitresses over there is starting to look like she's a little strung out on something.
I tried to get Jennifer Kraber to dine with us, but she had to tend to her Court 4 flock. Maybe tomorrow.

Cassidy decided early this morning that she needed a belly rub. For this, she persisted in whining, licking, and stomping on my stomach for over an hour while I tried to sleep. Despite numerous threats to have her put to sleep, she perservered, and I eventually surrendered and got up to watch the news while administering a puppy massage. Bad, bad Cassidy.

Last night Crackbass and I went to the newly opened Guitar Center by our houses. Guitar Center is like the evil Wal-Mart of music stores. They have low prices on the stuff you want, but their service sucks, and they tend to drive all the little local music shops out of business. Also, they have sales people who call you "dude" and pretend to be interested in your shitty garage band. Still, the place is a musical wonderland, and I get lost in all of the beautiful guitars and other equipment. It's really easy to go in there and forget the importance of musicianship in the face of shiny equipment. After all, practicing your instrument may sometimes feel like work, but spending money on toys is just plain fun.

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