Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Johnny Cochran died? A moment of silence from Steanso out of respect for one hard fighting son of a beeyatch. Of course, Johnny took some unpopular positions and defended some unpopular people, but he was a criminal defense attorney (amongst other things), and being part of that happy brotherhood, such was his lot in life. He still seemed like an intelligent, articulate, conscientious guy whenever I saw him in interviews, and he was a first rate lawyer who seemed to have a genuine passion for giving a voice to people who might otherwise never get their side of the story heard. Steanso salutes you, Mr. Cochran.
What else? Last night was slow. Crackbass left town to go to Cleburn to shop for his new ride, and Steanso was left with no one to play with. I talked to the folks quite a bit on the phone, and surfed my way through quite a bit of useless programming on the telly. All in all it was a pretty slow night, but then again, by the time I got done working late and stopped off for a few groceries it was already about 8:00 p.m., so there wasn't too much time to get into trouble, anyway.
Man, I really have got nothing today, folks. If anyone has a blog topic suggestion, send it to my email or post it in the comments section.

p.s.- Can anyone tell me what the hell this is about?
The Texas Senate passes a bill prohibiting Texas teams from playing in BCS series games unless a national tournament is developed?
OK, children sit on cardboard boxes because we can't afford desks in South Texas school rooms, the Texas prison system teeters on the edge of collapse due to overcrowding, Texas drug rehab and homelessness programs continue to dwindle, and retarded inmates sit on death row because Texas can't get a "life without parole" statute passed, but the Texas Senate has time to debate and pass completely non binding legislation (or at least non binding on the BCS) regarding which playoff games our college football teams can participate in. To call the priorities of the Texas Legislature fucked up is one hell of an understatement. Pull your head out of your ass, people.


CrackBass said...

i honestly dont see how you could go wrong with more in your "Emotional Scars" series

The League said...

I suggest you explain the finer workings of Lockian philosophy and its effects upon American moral values vis a vis, lawmaking, from the 18th to the 21st century.

Or, you could talk about hot chicks. People love to hear about hot chicks.

J.S. said...

Lockean porn. Shweet.