Tuesday, March 29, 2005

'Ello there folks. Hi Uncle Bob (if you do in fact read this, as recent events have led me to believe).
Well, Crack had a practice last night which could only be described as.... loud.
We rocked pretty hard, took a break to watch a documentary on blacksploitation films (while drinking Lone Stars), and then we rocked some more. I hope we got at least some of our stuff recorded, but Crackbass and Andy F were handling production duties, so we may have nothing more than a couple of dull thuds and Sigmund belching into the microphone. Oh well. We call it art.
In the interest of branching out into new blog topics, I present to you.....

Events with Andy Sensat that have Left Emotional Scars
1. Item one would be Dan Hamre's "bachelor party". It having been some form of bachelor event, I am largely sworn to secrecy. However, suffice it to say that I hadn't known Andy for long at the time of this little get together, and it ended with one of us passing out in the bathroom at the Star Seeds Cafe while the rest of us scarfed down the fallen soldier's food like a pack of rabid dingos. My car was left running with the headlights on in the parking lot while we ate (I guess in case we needed to make a fast getaway), and one of our members had to be carried out to the car and driven home. Andy's house, where we had been drinking earlier in the evening, was equipped with a lot of wireless electronics, a piano, a cat named Ocho, and a "sound chair" which Andy had covered with stereo speakers so that the bass response on his hip hop CD's could "give pleasure to the ladies". My main memory of this evening is that the more Andy drank and smoked, the more wildly active and talkative he became. I remember Andy squatting on the arm of his sofa like some kind of crazed chupacabra, getting more and more animated with each drink, shoving beverages in other people's faces, and waving his arms around and poking at people who were on the verge of passing out. This made me scared, so I did not pass out.

2. Andy's "naked day". Andy, apparently, likes to be naked. Even moreso in the company of young women. On one such day, Andy was spending the afternoon in the company of a young lady (who shall remain unnamed at this point), and apparently they were hanging out in Andy's living room, drinking some beer and listening to Duran Duran records (it's not clear whether this was before or after sex or both, but that part isn't really imporatant to the story). As the story goes, Andy was really enjoying the Duran Duran, and was in the process of showing his guest some of his finest dance moves (involving leaps onto the sofa and wildly gesticulative arm motions) when said guest suddenly noticed a set of small eyes peering at them through an opening in the window near the air conditioner (or maybe it was just a window fan, but this is, once again, unimportant). Naked Andy apparently let out a bellow of rage, and lept into action to chase away the group of small children who had gathered outside his window (as the story has it, Andy was naked and howling as he ran outside to chase the kids away, but this portion of the tale remains unconfirmed).
Lord only knows what these children now believe is "normal" behavior for two naked adults of the opposite sex, but there is a distinct possibility that these flawed individuals may now believe that dancing to Duran Duran while drinking crappy, dometic beer in the nude falls under the rubric of normalcy. These kids will be going through their whole lives wondering what kind of weird shit is going on right behind that locked door in the corner. And because of that we salute this as an Event With Andy Sensat Which has Left an Emotional Scar.

ooops. client here. maybe more later.

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lee said...

Perhaps the parents inquiry will spawn the third and final blog from the Steans clan...sort of George Lucas-esque prequel in th blogosphere. Trust me folks, if you thought the interplay between the League and Steanso was entertaining, wait till Ma and Pa get in the mix...been there, done it, and would gladly pay to see that movie again.