Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hey. Crap. Almost no time for blogging today. I know that you guys are not getting my blogging best, but damn, I'm busy.
I got court appointed today to represent a woman who was accused of trying to run over some woman who slept with my client's boyfriend. She did this while holding her baby tucked under one arm, the other hand placed on the steering wheel. The competition was sitting on her front porch talking to aforementioned boyfriend when my client came barrelling over the curb, across the lawn, and ran into the porch. Then she backed it up and ran into the house two more times, all the while screaming out the car window with the baby clutched up in her arm like a football. Her defense?
"I wasn't trying to hit that lady. I was trying to hit my boyfriend."
Dear lord.
I gotta run, but hopefully more tomorrow.

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