Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Howdy. Just got back from running to Williamson County, and, boy, are my legs tired. That joke never gets old.
We had a pretty good Crack practice last night, considering 3/4 of our members were tired and hung over from going out for the Pea's birthday on Sunday night. We're implementing new recording technology, via Andy's laptop. We'll see how that works out.
Happy belated birthday to D.K. Punzi. She's old as the hills, but she's only 3 apples tall. Let's all give her a hand, kids.
One of my clients sent me a thank you card for working hard on her case. This client is also incredibly good looking, but she always seemed really serious, and I though she hated me. Oh well. She's going into a career in law enforcement, so I don't think we were meant to be, anyway.
Still no word from Erin out there in Cali. I can only assume she was, indeed, buried by a mudslide.

And in what I consider to be an astonishing ruling, the Supreme Court ruled today that giving juveniles the death penalty is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has been kind of weird, lately. Despite their generally conservative slant, I think that our Supreme Court justices are generally in favor of a pretty balanced system and are becoming a little wary of the conservativism that is sweeping the country. I think they're shoring up some controversial positions while they still can (before one of them has to step down and Bush manages to cram some new Nazi appointee down our throats).
Well, not too much time for blogging today.

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The League said...

Happy Birthday, DK! I sent you some cash for your birthday. I am sure Jason gave it to you as I requested.

Eh, forget the Justices. I have given up on our "democratic" form of government and am now looking to place myself as king of the US. Anyone who is up for a good old fashioned coup detat, let me know. I will be happy to place you in a post of high authority should you get on-board soon.

How would you like to be Prince of Kentucky? Or Duke of Williamson Co.? All you have to do is join up now and tremble before my wrath.