Monday, March 14, 2005

Spring break, '05!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I'm still sitting in the office. That doesn't mean I can't get into the Spring Break spirit, though, right?
The weekend, you ask?
Alright, so I didn't make it to the freakin' kite festival. There. I said it. Berate me if you must.
Sunday Jason was a little hung over and sleepy due to a late night poker game and drinking binge the night before. I peeled my eyes open on Sunday sometime around one p.m., and immediately knew the kite festival would not be on the agenda (mostly b/c I had a splitting headache and knew that I couldn't deal with parking). Sunday was spent in the dark coolness of the house with the door open so that Cassidy could set her own agenda in regard to being inside or outside.
Friday night was Herbie Hancock at Trinity down in San Antonio. It was pretty bad ass. Roy Hargrove and Michael Brecker played with Herbie. They played mostly acoustic jazz, but Brecker played some stuff on an electronic wind instrument (which I still can't quite understand, but it was really cool). The drummer was bad ass, but I can't remember her name. Reed knows it. Tracy Lynn (Whittington?) something something? Anyway, she freakin rocked. Reed, try to post a comment with her full name so she can get her due props. I feel like a clown for not remembering it. Kudos to Greg Johnson for procuring a ticket for me.
Saturday I worked on the yard and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Saturday night I played poker with Jay, Anna, Reed, Jennifer, and Chris. Dark forces were aligned against Steanso, my friends, and he was the first one out. Steanso was Monkeyboy, as it were (the first chump out who has to fetch drinks for the others). Oh well- some nights you just don't have the cards.
Today is fairly quiet up at the courthouse. Everyone is gone on Spring Break with their kiddos. I'm also finding it hard to work.
Crackbass spent most of the weekend and much of today fishing. I suspect there may be a fish dinner in the works for me if I play my cards right. There was almost a fish dinner on Saturday, but The Pea caught sight of one of Jeff's fish floppin' around and was too grossed out to eat fish that night.
If we have fish dinner tonight maybe Andy will come since today is his day off and since no one loves fish more than Andy. Andy is gay for fish.
Not much else to report. If you go to Sonic, DO NOT order the Lenten special, I am told. Even Jesus wouldn't eat the Lenten special.


Anonymous said...

Terri Lynn Carrington. I saw her play with Herbie (or maybe it was McCoy Tyner) a couple of years ao. She is a phenomenal drummer. You guys got to see an incredible show. Herbie had an all-star lineup with Michael Brecker, Roy Hargrove, and Carrington.

CrackBass said...

Would Jesus avoid the Lenten special because: he hates, fish, he hates friend things or because he hates sonic? also, i guess you did play you cards right. however, had i read your blog, i would have realized your ruse and fed you no fish.

hows about a soiree next weekend for a late birthday? BYOB party at your place?