Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Well, it's my second official day of unemployment (and I don't think I'm going to be keeping an official count very long, because it's bound to become depressing), and so far things are kind of... uneventful. I've got one or two leads, but mostly I've been just spending A LOT of time on the computer looking at web sites and searching for job postings. All you readers (or at least the one or two of you who might be glancing at this when you don't feel like working)out there keep your eyes and ears open for Steanso, too, and it'll all come together.
If there's anyone who's definitely come out on top by Steanso losing his job, the lucky winner has got to be Cassidy. I think it's safe to say that Cassidy has been the happiest three legged dog on the block for the last two days. It feels awkward for me to be home when I'm supposed to be working, but the dog just thinks that things have finally fallen into their natural order. I am now available to cater to her every wish.
I want to go outside. I want to come back inside. I think I'd like a belly rub now. May I have a treat please. I will now sleep on the sofa, but you may sit in the chair if you like. If you are going to drive somewhere in the car, I will take a window seat, please.
We may have to renogotiate the terms of this roommate agreement.
Well, I truly have nothing new to post about. I watched a terrible "horror" movie named Funhouse (which, I would like to point out, had a picture of a scary clown on the front of the box, although there was no scary clown in the whole movie) with Crackbass and Jackbart on Saturday. The Mono E had practice on Sunday, sans Eric, our fearless leader, but we still managed to hold our own with a respectable bit of rockin'. I also went and saw Meredith "Quickdraw" Shaw on Saturday, and boy is that kid growin'. Admittedly, I don't really have a lot of valid points of comparison, but she seems like a good baby. Not a lot of cryin' or whatnot. And she likes music. And flashing, dancing lights. Like her dad.
Well, that's it for now. Back to job huntin'.


CrackBass said...

well, even though you cancelled crack practice, the rest of crack still loves you. well, maybe not loves you, but at least cares for you. like that girlfriend that you arent quite in love with, but still enjoy being with sometimes, for, well, you know...her drumming. good luck tonite with your barratry

J.S. said...

I didn't cancel it, I tried to reschedule, Mr. "I have the phones, so I can't get f#*ked up, so I don't want to play". Anyway, I was still also never clear about why Friday was bad for practice...

The League said...

the good news is that Steanso now has all the time in the world for Crack practice.

Also, Funhouse?

CrackBass said...

As far as Funhouse goes, O Mighty League, I have to stand in defense of Steanso, especially since I also helped pick it out. Tobe Hooper, scary clown on cover, horror, it looked so good. But then...nothing. no scary clowns, (well, some nudity, to be honest), a halloween/psycho ripoff, and numerous plot lines that just were left unresolved. However, on the plus side, a semi-witch did give a hand job to a deformed freak in a frankenstein costume. so that was nice. How you doing on hotornot?

The League said...

I think my hotornot numbers are being artifically inflated by Loyal Leaguers. Also, the graphing they show when I calculate my numbers doesn't seem to match the "overall score".

While I also fear clowns, I'm not sure Funhouse is the movie for me.

Just avoid "Clownhouse". It's by the same sex offender who did "Powder".