Thursday, August 18, 2005

Some bastard stole my garage door clicker. I know I had it this morning when I left for work, and the only place that I drove during the day was to lunch with D.K. When I got home, I noticed that it wasn't there when I tried to reenter the garage. I drove back to my parking garage and even checked the parking lot of our lunch location, but it wasn't there.

The driver's side door on my car doesn't lock when you hit the automatic lock button (a mechanical flaw caused, I think, by having to have the Pop-a-Lock guys shimmy it open one too many times when I locked my keys in the car), so I probably left the car inadvertantly unlocked either in my parking garage or at our lunch restaurant.

But who would steal my clicker? What a dick move! It has no value to anyone but me.

I searched the car carefully several times, thinking that maybe it had fallen from its perch upon my visor, but to no avail. And I would think that I would have heard it if it fell out onto the cement. I even thoroughly checked my briefcase on the odd possibility that I slipped it in there through some kind of subconscious slight of hand- but nothing.

Why would they take my clicker? There were several cases of CDs in there, sunglasses, and even a Pioneer car stereo with the removable face still on it, but no- this jackass takes my freaking clicker. What's he gonna do- drive around Austin all night quietly clicking at houses, hoping my garage door opens up so he can steal some bags of fertilizer?

I don't get it. I've already managed to reprogram my spare clicker (which I thought was broken, but now it's working), so I feel a small degree of triumph over this thief, but I'm still baffled. Why?! Why?!!!!

Also, my dad just called and he got Astros tickets for this weekend, so now I won't get back in Austin until late Sunday night. Oh well. It'll be fun.


Anonymous said...

Oh, so you're going to a baseball game to avoid getting shutdown at game night?

I guess this means you will no longer be lifting me onto the bordello roof for search of a skylight? Fine, go ahead and ruin my Sat. night!!!

I took your clicker.

J.S. said...

Beeyatch, please. Steanso shutdown at game night? Ha! The very idea is laughable.

Give me back my clicker, and no one gets hurt. Probably.

CrackBass said...

Since when is it ok to post at this site anonymously? I'm looking ta your Rami>