Friday, July 29, 2005

Well, this whole thing has just gotten surreal. It's my last day here at The Law Office of Travis Williamson, and everyone's still acting as though it's business as usual. They keep putting stuff to do in my box and asking me to take phone calls from clients explaining what is going to be happening on their case next week. I just keep wanting to stand on my desk and say, "Don't you guys realize that none of this f*%king matters to me anymore?", but insteand I've just been hiding in my office and surfing the internet, waiting for five o'clock so I can get my check and go home. I just don't get it. If they don't need me, why are they so desperately looking for me to help them on stuff up until the last second that I'm on the clock? Up is down. Black is white.

I want to say thanks to the Wilsons for not only feeding me last night, but for listening to me vent when I was alternately whining and then cussing up a storm and stomping around wanting to smash something. That's what they get, I guess, for being my very close friends and neighbors. Lord knows, it ain't always pretty. Anyway, someday I will buy them a small alligator or an anaconda for their pond in order to repay them for putting up with my bitching (or maybe a chimp).

I think that I may have gotten one of my old home computers up and running well enough to search for jobs on the internet, which should, in turn, allow me to continue to post to my blog. Of course, now I'll be posting on my own time at night instead of squeezing the blogging in between phone calls and office appointments at work, so the entries may become a little shorter and less frequent. We'll just see how it goes.

And hooray, we have a new energy bill!
I'm not sure what to think of this, and I'm not sure that the rest of the country does, either. It seems to provide some incentives for things like electric-gas hybrids and for home improvements geared toward energy conservation, but it apparently does very little overall to stem the demand for oil or to wean the U.S.'s dependence on it. In the end I think that the big oil producers probably won out more than anyone, but I guess that's hardly surprising, given the fact that the oil industry has practically been the official sponsor of Bush's white house.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Stenaso has no plans for the weekend, but if the skies clear up, he may be headed to Barton Springs so he can listen to the drum circle and escape the heat in the cold, cold water.

p.s.- I just came across this while wasting my time online before going home. I think it's an excellent career option for any of you ladies out there who are looking to try something new! Then again, maybe some of you are already in this field and I don't even know it....


Anonymous said...

Hello Jason. CB here. Long time reader, first time poster. As of reading your post today, it appears that all is for the best. You'll be better off away from people who don't appreciate you, and from what I hear about you, your former office will soon realize how much they needed you. Best of luck in your endeavors in the future. The judges and court personnel around here certainly like the hell out of you.

CB, esq.

J.S. said...

Thanks for the comment, CB. I appreciate the kind words. Your identity remains muy mysterioso, however!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason.

In reading about your situation, all I have to say is....."Hallelujah YOU ARE OUT OF THAT OFFICE!" You will be so much better off now and you will defintely be picked up by another office, (I mean EVERYONE likes you and you are appreciated by many!) It is so unfortunate that you were so unappreciated at that office considering that you were the only one going to court ON TIME!!!! If all else fails, hey, enjoy the state funds (if you know what I mean!) Best of Luck to you!


J.S. said...

Well, thanks, Anonymous. It's good to know that some people out there understand my situation (and the situation that I'm leaving). I appreciate the kind words.

Anonymous said...

And whay is this a bad thing?? We have a very small "working community" and as soon as this site got around I had to make my comment. That office has had rumors flying out of it left and right and by many people for YEARS. From what I hear or I should say from what WE hear the women running that place is on her last leg. She is crazy. And as for the "boss" thats a laugh. He sticks his tail between his tall legs and does as she wishes. You have to feel good about having to leave there. I could go on but I have a meeting. I wish you well and something better will come along.

Anonymous said...

Well when I heard of the site I also felt I needed to RUN to my computer to make MY comments. I dont understand why they let you go, you were the one doing all/most of the work. And I can say this from knowing those people TOO WELL! If anyone should go it should be the pill popping, booze drinking crazy women running that place. As the for the "boss" he is a great down to earth guy but his luck bit him in the ass the day he married her. Although she does give us all a laugh cause she really think all of us here enjoy her drunk ass. We always love and enjoy your company and having you in site up here Jason. And you too Travis but you gotta know she is bringing you down. We also heard she loves to abuse her pain medication although she has been through surgery. I guess thats the luck everyone talks about "what comes around goes around"! No need to worry at the moment Jason, live one day at a time and the best will come to you.