Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Crap. It looks like I may have spoken a little too soon about New Orleans dodging the worst of Hurricane Katrina. The news this morning said that the hurricane had busted a few levees which protect the city, and that the city was filling up with water today.
Let's hope they get that flooding problem shored up so we can all visit The Crescent City next year for Jazzfest without having to rent swamp boats in order to do it.

I had a really nice lunch today with Jennifer at The Clay Pit. It sounds like her new job is going well over in the civil side of the County Attorney's Office. Now she has to do legal writing as a regular part of her job. Maybe she can quote The Adventures of Steanso in one of her briefs and get it worked into an opinion somewhere.

Last night I visited Shaw Manor over in the rarefied atmosphere of Travis Country. Little Meredith Shaw is growing like gangbusters, and her mom is real, real tired (but holding up well). Meredith is a cute kid who does her fair share of smiling and waiving her pudgy fingers, but the thing that really gives my heart joy is knowing that it's only a matter of time before those Shaw genes kick in and she's slipping out her bedroom window to run wild with the neighborhood kids. Oh the stories that her Uncle Jason will have of growing up with her dad!

Crack practice is tonight, so I better rest up for that.

And last, but not least, one more example of how out of touch George W. is:
The man thinks that World War II is the best comparison to Iraq? I'm sure that he wants to think that because the U.S. was attacked first during 9-11, but the 9-11 attacks justified the invasion of Afghanistan, in my opinion, and nothing further. The invasion of Iraq was unjustified, poorly planned, and has left us in a military quagmire in which we are occupying a country against insurgent attacks, many of which are being launched by Iraq's indigenous population. Iraq certainly draws comparisons to one of our prior wars, but who wants to admit that they engineered an invasion which has turned into the new Vietnam? It's truly amazing how little The White House has learned from history, but then again, I'm not sure that George had any understanding of Vietnam in the first place. After all, wasn't he snorting coke off the butts of sorority girls when he dodged that war in the first place? I know that some Republicans would take issue with that comment. If only there were some kind of military reserve records or something that we could look at to see what he was doing during that time...


lee said...

Steanso et al,

Last Friday in Fort Bend County, Texas, I argued for nearly an hour on behalf of a friend of a friend that a county court judge should set aside the suspension of my client's driver's license for refusing to consent to a breath sample after he was pulled over for drinking and driving. For those who do not know my practice area, it is mostly civil litigation in the area of products liability. Point is, the who's and what's of DWI law in Texas aren't exactly routine practice areas for your truly. Though lacking experience, with Steanso's timely assistance, I was able to navigate the minefield of admin law successfully to obtain my client an occupational driver's license. I was very nearly successful in overturning the original suspension decision of the admin law judge, but alas, my rage against the machine came up just short in that respect. Despite a withering cross-examination of the police officer and my client's sympathetic appearance in court wearing a neck brace (he actually did have surgery on his neck a few days prior), it seemed to hurt my efforts considerably that he demonstrated a great many of the indicia of rather substantial intoxication on the night of his arrest. This seemed to overshadow my grounds for appeal: that the admin judge abused his discretion when he granted a continuance to DPS b/c the cop I subpoenaed didn't show up. No cop means no evidence in a license suspension hearing, and I raised holy hell about it when the judge blessed a police officer thwarting a properly served subpoena until next time--(when next time rolled around, the cop showed and generally crushed my client with his testimony). Anyway, driving from sun up to sun down for my guy and no embarassing affidavit of employment required from the employer was the judge's compromise, and while I think that the entire suspension should have been set aside entirely, even the occupational license wouldn't have happened without Steanso's guidance in the area. Thanks, my brother. For this, good sir, I owe you beers when we next meet. Also, if you ever happen to start manufacturing heavy cranes, I will be happy to represent Steanso Crane, Inc., against the allegations of the grievously injured at a significantly reduced rate.

CrackBass said...

Hey all you Adventures of Steanso readers. Donate to the Red Cross. The city of sin is in deep sh*t, and needs your help. I know most if not all of the readers of this blog have been there at least once, if not once a year.
So cough it up, you cheap bastards. If you have a burned cd, spend the money you stole from that record company to the Red Cross. If you look at naughty pictures on the internet for free, send the money you would have had to spend in the pre-internet days for your porn to the red Cross. If you have ever broken laws and not gotten caught, send the money you saved in fines to the Red Cross. Just send em some damn money. We need the town back by Jazz Fest for our own selfish needs, but lots of people just need their homes back.

(PS - based on the above criterion, CrackBass owes no money to the Red Cross, but he will be donating out of the goodness of his heart - and because the Pea made him.)

J.S. said...

A belated kudos to Larry Lee. Keep giving 'em hell, LT!