Wednesday, August 17, 2005

OK, so I promised KB that I would write a blog today clarifying some of the things in yesterday's blog. It turns out that they weren't holding my guy for his actual parole hearing yesterday, but for some sort of "preliminary" hearing. His parole didn't get revoked yesterday, and it's not clear what the purpose of that hearing even was, but it screwed us on the chance to get our pretrial hearing, because no matter what they were doing, the parole department prevented my guy from being in court, which prevented his pretrial hearing, which meant that in order to reschedule that hearing for another day, I would have to reset the case for another two weeks (so the prosecutors would have time to send out a new batch of subpoenas). The parole department had already told my guy that if this case took more than another week to work out, they were just gonna revoke him anyway and send him off to prison, so we worked the case out today (my guy having received an informal promise from his hearing officer that his Class B marijuana case wouldn't get him revoked if he pled to it).
Also, in keeping with my promise to the head prosecutrix of Team Bloom, I will reluctantly add that the prosecutors in this case were just doing their jobs, and not being especially sneaky or unethical in their attempts to screw my client. Whew.
What else? Did anyone else see Tommy Lee Goes to College last night? It was awesome. I'm not really a Motley Crue fan, per se, but I laughed and I cried while following the misadventures of Tommy Lee as he embarked on his academic sojourn at the University of Nebraska. I'm telling you, this show has it all, folks: the crusty dean, the hippie English professor, the sexy chemistry tutor, the wacky academic advisor, the goofy roommate, and our protaganist, Tommy Lee, who seems to oscillate between genuinely wanting to take school seriously and remembering that he's already a playboy millionaire who doesn't really need to give a sh*t. Mostly, the show relies on a lot of clever editing to produce a plot structure which I'm sure has no corrollary in real life, but it's pretty darn funny to watch. I'm pretty sure that ol' Tommy was genuinely frustrated and embarrassed when he couldn't keep up with the marching band drum corps kids on the quads. Sure he can rock out in a fully rotating drum kit that hangs him upside down during concerts, but Tommy didn't really seem able to read sheet music or march, let alone combine the two, and for some reason he seemed to think that such a feat should come easily to him.
Anyway, the show will probably get old pretty fast, but it was funny to watch on a first viewing. I think, strangely enough, that the viability of the show is going to depend on whether Tommy decides that getting a degree is something that he legitimately feels a need to pursue. Of course, if he actually wanted to get a degree in order to prove to himself that he has the intelligence and perserverance necessary to complete a college education, he probably wouldn't have brought a film crew with him.
Lunch today with D.K. I ripped my pants.


CrackBass said...

Ha HA! you ripped your pants. Ha HA!

p.s. - informal promise? yeah, that sounds like somehting your client should hang his hat on, especially when it is something like whether or not he will get revoked.

Dont trust the man. Damn the man!

J.S. said...

Well, since the parole hearing officer told my guy that if he didn't have this thing wrapped up by next week he was DEFINITELY going to get revoked (as opposed to ISF), we didn't have a lot of choice. Being new to the defense bar, you may have not yet become accustomed to the "grease or no grease?" conversations with your clients yet, Crackbass...

Sigmund Bloom said...

yeah, see what happens when you mess with KB?