Monday, August 08, 2005

In the interest of not always just "bringing everybody down" with my rants here at The Adventures, I offer up some good news:
I'm really happy to hear that this Russian submarine crew was able to make it out safely. Not only is it nice to hear about countries pulling together to save a bunch of poor sailor schmucks who got all jammed up while just trying to do their job, but the thought of people suffocating at the bottom of the ocean just gives me the heebie jeebies, so I'm glad THAT didn't happen.


Anonymous said...

dont forget the other good news...that you no longer work for freaks!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Steans;

CB again. While this is not germaine to today's post, it does somewhat correlate to the comments of the day. I am sure you may have had some concern after parting ways with your previous employer, but it appears that you have many people who are genuinely concerned about you, and that you will be able to sustain nicely. Looks like you will be able to get through until the next opportunity arises, or until you start your own thriving practice. And, if things happen as I hear they may, you will soon realize that you leaving was a blessing in disguise, and be very glad that you are no longer associated with your previous firm.

CB, Esq.

The League said...

As the brother of Steanso, let me assure you that Steanso will be fine. Before becoming an attorney, Steanso lived in a teepee and followed the bison across the prairie, taking only what he needed, and leaving only footprints.

He can use every part of a bison, and has been known to live on nothing but stream water and the roots of various grasses for months at a time.

Attorney? Sure. And a damn good one.

Noamdic hunter/ gatherer? There's never been a finer man to take a bison down with his bare hands.