Monday, August 22, 2005

Happy Monday, you miserable, fully employed SOBs! Steanso has to go to court this afternoon, but nothing this morning.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Steanso went to Houston to celebrate the 59th birthday of his dad. It was a pretty good time. We went out to eat with some family friends on Friday (the Magsig clan) and ate some ice cream cake at their house afterwards. On Saturday we floated in the pool (listening to the new Willie Nelson reggae album, which I gave Pop for his b-day) and went to the Woodlands new, small scale riverwalk for dinner (we ate at Landry's where the food was really good and it was a nice night sitting outside, but there was some guy playing acoustic guitar who kept asking the audience for requests, but then he invariably didn't know how to play them). Sunday we went to an Astro's game and watched them beat the Brewers, and then I drove home. All in all, it was a nice weekend.

I watched CNN Presents last night, and the whole thing was like a documentary about the lies regarding weapons of mass destruction, and how the White House ended up relying on that bullsh%t when justifying our invasion of Iraq to the United Nations. In the end, George Tenet, the director of the CIA, ended up falling on his sword and taking the blame for the assertion that we would find WMD in Iraq, but it was clear from everyone involved that the White House just cherry picked the intelligence that they were given and tried to use little bits and pieces of it to justify the policy that they were seeking to implement. Tenet, however, did tell Colin Powell that he was going to stand behind the assertion that Hussein definitely had WMD, and since he was willing to be the person who allowed George W. to wrongly justify the decision to go to war (you can see him sitting right behind Colin Powell during his meeting with the U.N. security council), I'm glad that Tenet got the boot. The problem is that W. never really got any fallout from the whole thing (except the practical considerations of getting the U.S. embroiled in an unjustified conflict where our troops are going to be stuck occupying a hostile nation for the next decade or so), and George W. was the man who created an atmosphere in which no evidence would be heard unless it supported the decision to invade Iraq. Shame on Colin Powell, as well, for failing to demand greater proof before going to the U.N., especially in light of the fact that he apparently had doubts about the WMD, even as he took the floor at the U.N. to argue for war. If more people were willing to resign on principal, it would make it much more difficult for the administration to railroad people and push the country into insupportable positions.

I gotta run. But I'll be back. Maybe.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot to send a belated shout out to Jackbart for his birthday (which was actually yesterday, the 21st). Happy birthday, Jackbart! I hope you enjoyed those three strip-o-grams that I sent you (actually, I had Jeff place the order, but I'm sure that they showed up with no problem, right?). Many happy returns, and congrats on another successful trip round the sun.

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