Monday, August 15, 2005

Hey guys. Monday 'tis here again. Unfortunately, I guess I need to start with a small housekeeping matter. It's been brought to my attention that there has been some nastiness going on in the comments section of The Adventures of Steanso, and Steanso is hereby asking everyone to knock it off. Although Steanso enjoys picking on people like Crackbass and Roundball as much as anyone else, it's all just in jest, and no one gets hurt. Personal attacks or insults are not in keeping with the spirit The Adventures of Steanso (no matter why you're doing it), so please don't post them, because I don't want ANYONE feeling bad as a result of anything that's posted on this web page (except maybe George Bush, but that's what he gets for starting a pointless war). You can bitch about situations and how things make you feel, but don't attack specific people (politicians and celebrities aside), no matter what the reason. Got it? Ok then. Sheeyat.

The weekend was pretty good. Friday night I had dinner with the Wilsons, Brent Doty (sp?), and his girlfriend, Martha. It was a good time (except for a disturbing story that Brent and Crackbass had about desecrating someone's expensive BMW when they were in college- you'll have to ask them about it).
Saturday I took Cassidy to Barton Creek so she could get her weekly swimming workout. It was fun and very, very tiring. Saturday night I went over to the Wilsons for dinner with Hannah and Chris and Ellie. Hannah is pregnant (that seems to be public knowledge now), so we toasted them with a little champagne. We had some great food and then sat out on lawn chairs in the front yard watching the johns show up for the weekly Saturday sex party at the brothel on our street (and no, Steanso does not live in a ghetto- some rich jackass and his wife have bought a house in our neighborhood which the guy's wife is using to drum up business for her escort service- it's a long story). We called the cops and managed to get 3 patrol cruisers to show up, but I'm not sure that it slowed things down much over there. Still, the brothel does provide some entertainment. Stupid sex house.

Sunday I was planning to go back to Barton Springs, but I woke up and mowed the yard, and it somehow prompted a massive allergy attack that I still haven't fully recovered from. My eyes swelled most of the way shut and I couldn't stop sneezing for the better part of an hour. I took some allergy pills and a nap, and although I feel a lot better now, my eyes are still swollen and puffy. I watched some TV with Crackbass, took a nap, and then had Mono Ensemble practice (which was good).

That's all for now, but maybe more later. You guys be good to each other out there and play nice, ok?


CrackBass said...

Who is talking bad about whom? is this because i said you dont like to fish?

or is this more of you defending your new boyfriend John Roberts?

J.S. said...

See, this is why picking on Crackbass is still allowed (even though he's mentally disabled).

Anonymous said...

i'm somewhat sensitive, but even so, didn't understand who was talking bad about whom either? i read the blog for the occasional laugh, to support steanso, and read thoughts on the human condition. i'm disappointed that my daily dose of masculinity has been compromised here! yes, steanso has a thing for roberts and yes crackbass is "special." that's why we love them both soooooo much. everyone just look in the mirror and say "i'm good enough, i'm smart enough, and gosh-darnet...people like me."

J.S. said...

Hey, I don't want to compromise your daily dose of masculinity!