Friday, August 26, 2005

Hooray, it's Friday! Of course, that means a lot less when you're pretty much unemployed.

Steanso bought a new headboard for his bed a week ago, and took on what would be considered by many to be the small project of staining said headboard and mounting it to his bed. For Steanso, however, to whom such household improvement projects do not come easily, this task provided no small amount of challenge as I endeavored complete these tasks (which included not only the staining, but also drilling holes in the wood, mind you) without ruining my new purchase. One coat of stain was put on the headboard each night for two successive nights and then last night- voila! I mounted the headboard to the bed and felt like I had my first real bed since the time that I slept in a single bed as a kid (I'm not sure why the headboard makes it feel more like a real bed, but it does, ok?). Anyway, it was a small victory, but it felt like a victory to be sure. I tried to impress Cassidy with the headboard by grasping both sides of her head and "encouraging" her to look at it, but she just kept rolling her eyes to plaintively look at me instead, so I gave up.
Anyway, now that I have accomplished this headboard task, who knows what other glorious acts of home improvement lay on the horizon? Maybe I'll build an indoor swimming pool onto my house (with a retractable roof, of course). I think I'm ready.

Not too much other news on this Friday. It's Kim Bloom's birthday, so I send a mad shout out to her for many happy returns. Jennifer Kraber is starting a new job in the County Attorney's civil section, so we wish her luck with that. Sherri Tibbe is returning as court chief to Court 4, so may God have mercy on her soul (just kidding).
Buttercup is playing tonight at the Hyde Park Theater, so go and try to get a ticket if they're not sold out. They're the next best thing, and you don't want to miss them.

Well, that's it. Have a great weekend, ya'll!

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