Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday again.
I had no court this morning, so I've been watching Hurricane Katrina (such a pretty name for a hurricane) churn its way through New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. It looks like a lot of damage was done, but New Orleans wasn't washed off the map in the fit of apocalyptic God rage that everyone had predicted (thereby proving to me once again that God likes to party). The news forecasters almost seem disappointed that the city is still standing.
I spent Sunday doing my usual Sunday stuff. I mowed the grass, took Cassidy to the dog park, and had practice with the Mono Ensemble. Our practice was good. We need to play another gig. Of course, now that our band members collectively have four children (amongst three of our members), I imagine that if I want us to play a gig I'm going to have go out there and find a way to get us one. It may be awhile before our next gig.
And it looks like Rev. Sharpton and Martin Sheen showed up at Camp Sheehan in order to lend their voices to the war protest that's going on there.
This confused Steanso and almost resulted in a psychotic break for him, seeing as how Steanso had managed to convince himself for large parts of the last six years that President Bartlett from the West Wing was our actual president, with George W. appearing only as some loveable doofus on a sitcom representation of the White House. The truth hurts. A lot. But the therapy is helping.
Well, that's it for now. Hope everyone is kicking off their week well.

P.S.- I also stopped by Jay and Anna's house on Sunday and tried a couple of the salsas that Jay makes. I don't know if he won any awards at the salsa/hotsauce contest yesterday, but his salsas were really good (and I'm not even an especially big salsa fan). The corn salsa was my favorite.

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