Friday, August 05, 2005

Well, it's Friday on my first week of unemployment, but it really hasn't felt like unemployment so far. Maybe underemployment is more correct. I've been going to court quite a bit and picking up a fair number of court appointments (thank god for all of my friends at the courthouse who heard about me getting canned and felt sorry for me- lord knows I'm not above accepting some charity in a pinch), but I know that eventually the number of appointments I'm receiving will dry up (and they really don't pay very well in the first place), so the job hunt continues, unabated.
Crack has practice shceduled for tonight, and maybe we'll record it. Our last two practices actually sounded pretty darn good, but of course we didn't record those (actually, that's not true- Andy claims to have recorded those sessions on his coomputer, but the problem is that we never hear any of those recordings again once Andy makes them). Anyway, we need to either make some new recordings or learn some new songs so that we can try to play some things more than once. Also, ladies- we're still accepting applications for our background singer group, The Crack Hos. Don't be shy. All applicants will receive a fair hearing followed by a fair, up or down vote carried out by the members of Crack.
Did I mention that I went with Crackbass et al to see Buttercup play at the Cactus Cafe, and that they were really good. My friend, Charlie Roadman, is kind of managing this band and his brother plays drums in it. They're from San Antonio, so you know they have to be good, because people who try to play in bands in that city who don't have a true love of music usually don't last very long. Buttercup is kind of a tasteful folk-pop-rock quartet who sing good harmonies and like to do quirky things like take their audience Christmas carolling with them during holiday gigs.
Anyway, they're playing tonight at Momo's and at The Hyde Park Theater on August 26th, so go see them because you will have fun.
I also wish that Charlie's band, F4Fake, would play again, but that's another story.
Well, that's it for now. Have a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

What does the audition to become a Crack-Ho consist of?
Would I be compensated with free stuff (i.e. lycra feathers like a bunch of classless Chickenheads).
Would there be a lead Ho (a.k.a "Top-Ho"in the hoods)?