Thursday, May 19, 2005

Yup, Reed Shaw is a poppa. Meredith Cynthia Shaw, who was six pounds and I can't remember how many inches long has popped into our world this week. 38 hours of labor for ol' Jen Shaw. With no drugs. Dear lord.
Who will Meredith be? Will she like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones? Will she share her father's kryptonite-like weakness for peanuts? Will she share her mother's love of health food and (yuck) tofu? Will she vote Democrat, or will evil eclipse her soul and turn her into a Republican? By the way, Reed, even if you continue to deny your inner Texan, Meredith will always be inextricably linked to the Lonestar State through birthright. Let's all say a little prayer that Meredith comes to embody the independence, toughness, courtesy, and self reliance of Texans without any of the prejudice or ignorance that our state's detractor's sometimes tag us with (and admittedly, sometimes rightfully so).
Thus begins the countdown to Jason buying Meredith her first beginner drum set in about 5 years (or maybe a bass guitar if she turns out to be too smart to be a drummer). Congrats again, Shaws.

On an unrelated note, here is the link for the Mono Ensemble in case anyone ever wanted to see what I do with my time.
On the site, you can see a car which is owned by no one in the band and also hear one of our songs (titled, somewhat presciently, 12 Steps). I can't remember if I've ever posted a link to it before, but one more time won't hurt.

Kudos to Larry Lee for his posting in the comments section 2 days ago about the moral ambiguities of lawyering on the prosecution side. It's an interesting viewpoint, and I can always count on Lee to understand when I'm whining about my life o' lawyering.

In other news, I can't believe that the Elephants think that John Bolton is their strongest cadnidate for ambassador to the U.N.
This guy, by all accounts, is a lying, meanspirited little shit who has historically attempted to alter or bend intelligence data to fit his own agenda (hasn't the U.N. gotten enough of that kind of treatment from the U.S.?). Bolton has bullied subordinates who questioned his opinions and his handling of intelligence in various matters, and although this may make him the perfect man to hold a post within the Bush cabinet, it does not lend itself well to dealing with other nations which already see the U.S. as having some major credibility problems (an understandable view, to say the least). Everyone email their reps and ask them not to vote for this schmuck.


Anonymous said...

for some interesting info about the car, see:

The League said...

Rock on, Meredith Cynthia Shaw!

Meredith Cynthia is quite mothful for a name. I suggest we change her name to QuickDraw McShaw, post haste.