Monday, May 16, 2005

So it's Monday again.

I saw F4Fake this weekend, along with Buttercup, and both bands were pretty darn good. Buttercup was good and sounded tight, as always, but F4Fake was especially good. They had like 8 guys up on stage, the majority of them obviously talented musicians, and they just seemed to be having fun banging out their songs and doing their thing. I get the impression that this isn't a band that intends to take its act nation wide, and maybe it's because of the fact that they aren't aspiring to make this band their vocation that the guys in F4Fake seemed so laid back and to be having so much fun. Anyway, they were really good, with a sound that alternated between (I shudder to give this comparison, seing as how its been made so many times lately) being somewhat Wilco-ish and a southernized, bigger version of The Tragically Hip. Definitely worth checking out if you have the opportunity. Kudos to birthday boy Chris Griego for flying with me as my wingman to the Ruta Maya for this one and drinking many beers.

Congrats to Crackbass for landing himself some new employment. Jeff Wilson will apparently soon be joining our band of merry brothers as a criminal defense attorney in superattorney Joe Turner's office. Welcome to the only profession in the world which may eventually find you saying things with a straight face in open court like, "Well, technically, your Honor, having sex with a dog is not a crime."
In all truth, being a criminal defense attorney can be both incredibly fun and terribly frustrating, but I still find it interesting, and that's something that many people can't say when they've been doing the same thing for 7 years. The job basically boils down to listening to other people's stories and then being able to turn around and articulate them to other people in a way that makes sense. You spend a lot of time trying to humanize your clients, turning them from just a sentence or two with some statistics in an offense report (which is the only side of your client that the prosecutor or judge may see) into a living person with a family, a history, a job, and most importantly, a future. Things in life are rarely as black and white as police reports would lead you to believe, and our job is often just to make the prosecutors acknowledge the shades of gray that the legal system would like to ignore (i.e., yes, the drugs were in the car my client was driving, but he shares the car with a drug addict brother who tends to leave his stuff laying around.... yes, my client left a bruise on his girlfriend's arm, but she's a suicidal drug addict and he was trying to restrain her so she wouldn't hurt herself....). Sometimes these things are excuses for bad behavior, but sometimes they are just the kind of complicated situations that life throws at people which the legal system (which prefers neat little boxes) is not designed to deal with.
Anyway, being a criminal defense attorney is a job which rewards you for working well with people above all else, so if you like listening to or telling stories, it's a good way to go.

What else? We also had Mono E practice this weekend, which sounded pretty good.
Watched the Spurs lose to Seattle again. I'm not sure how the NBA managed to find so many chokers who are otherwise good players and stick them on one team, but the Spurs' continuing meltdown is an amazing thing to behold. If nothing else, it should be an object lesson for the kids- talent and skill can only carry you so far if your self confidence is nonexistent. Then again, it's kind of a weird chicken and the egg thing, because I'm sure it would boost the Spurs' confidence a lot if they could sink a few outside 3 pointers in the 4th quarter. Whatever.

Hope everyone is having a good day.


The League said...

I still believe the Spurs will pull it off before the Suns do. The Suns game the other night was a clinic in how to lose a game. MVP Nash scored 48 points, and we still lost.

Spurs have a good team, unfortunately, Seattle is playing really well. And Tim totally choked in the 4th quarter. Ugh.

And I am totally glad to hear Wilson has gainful employment. While I would probably want to just throw myself on the mercy of the court before either of you knuckleheads defended me, it's good to know Wilson now will be making the Benjamins. Now he can buy more Peanutbutter and Jeremy comics.

J.S. said...

Aww, c'mon. Let me defend you. I've never gotten to invoke the insanity defense before for unpaid parking tickets....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice words about F4fake. You are correct, we have no rock and roll ambition. So, all of you record labels, don't even try contacting me at Cheers, Charlie