Thursday, May 26, 2005

Remember how I was bitching about the new U.S. policies which are permissive of torture? Here's a bit more on that from Amnesty International:
I'm going to go ahead and make the risky general assertion that if your government is creating policies that makes other countries want to try your leaders as war criminals, then those policies should probably be reexamined. The Geneva Convention is stupid, anyway.

Last night I went with Jeff to procure his new barbecue grill at the Home Depot. It's shiny and exciting and we hope you all come to the barbecue party so you can see it.

Here's something else that's fun.
The Republicans want to cut $10 billion from Medicaid at a time when they are trying to cut taxes for America's wealthiest Americans (e.g., capital gains taxes and inheritance taxes, to name a couple), and at a time when Bush wants to set up Social Security in a way that will undoubtedly leave even more senior citizens in financial hardship (when their investment choices for their social security don't pan out). And now the Republicans are surprised when the Democrats don't want to be a party to their bloodletting on Medicaid (keeping in mind that Medicaid helps to provide health care for 52 million low income families)? Screw those elephants.

In more trivial news, I watched the season finale of Lost last night (and I'm not going to give away much, but here's your spoiler alert, anyway). The finale kind of/ sort of took a shot at answering a few questions about what the hell has been going on with the island, but really, it just gave us a few peeks at things we didn't understand, and which we will presumably have to turn in next season in order to have explained. I'm beginning to get frustrated with the show because it seems to just want to string it's audience along with the "secrets" of the island, but I'm afraid that, like the X-Files, the show will either fizzel and die before those secrets are revealed or (and this would be even worse) the secrets of the island will in no way live up to the hype that the writers have created by keeping all of these mysteries a secret for so long.

Well, that's all for today. Be good.


Anonymous said...

I have to post anonymously to protect myself.
I gave up on Lost about 7 weeks in. I was really enjoying the show, but, liek you said about X-Files... you can't keep dragging secrets out and maintain tension or somehow lessen the impact of the final reveal.

I figured either it was going to die an agonizing death like X-Files, or it would simply start to irritate people, like Twin Peaks, and get cancelled without resolving anything.

Is Cooper still in The Lodge?

It's too bad that ABC can't just step up tot he plate and say, "Hey, we know this can't go on forever. We plan to do three seasons of this show. At the end, you'll have watched 66 hours of this gobbledygook, and we think that's about as long as we can stretch out this BS. And you people all look like you should be getting some sunshine, anyway.

"You stick with us for 3 years and make the show profitable, and we promise to try to remain interesting and to make an effort to keep our stars on the show

"IF, after three years, we can think of a good reason to go on with the stories on this spoooooky island, we will begin creating TV miniseries of Lost for Sweeps Week each year until all of you are sick of that, too.

"And I don't know what the monster is either, but for some reason when I close my eyes and imagine it, i think it must look like, Igoo, the rock gorilla from Herculoids."

J.S. said...

Anyone who reads the above post must know it came from Roundball b/c only Roundball would know the name of the rock gorilla from the Herculoids.