Friday, May 20, 2005

Ugggh. It's hot again and Steanso is sweating through his shirt and tie as he runs around town representing his little heroes.
I had a lovely lunch today with Rosa and Kim. We spent a lot of time discussing courthouse politics, religion, and the vast, right wing political conspiracy.
DK and Liz cooked me and their friend Hillary a delicious steak dinner last night, so I send a mad shout out and props to them. Their house is really looking great after all the work they've done on it, and they need to host a party, but they keep putting it off. Party, I say!
I watched another episode of Revelations (starring Bill Pullman) last night, and I think I'm about done with it. The show would have us believe that the end times will be at hand when the Christians are besieged by an army of Satanists who rise up to take over the world. What the hell? If the current political climate is any indication, I think the Christians seem to be on the attack a lot more these days then they seem to be suffering from persecution. Plus, who wants to worship Satan? It just doesn't make any sense- he's evil and he only wants to hurt you in the end (why worship someone who only wants to cause pain and is dedicated to lying and double crossing people?) I think Christians like to believe there are people out there who worship evil because a common threat bonds Christian believers together. There might be a small number of mentally ill people who truly dedicate themselves to mindlessly causing pain, but in general, I think evil prevails in the world by depriving people of respect and fair treatment as human beings when people put their own agenda ahead of respecting the rights and human dignity of others- not because people are worshipping Satan. That's just dumb. Anyway, sorry about the theological diatribe, but every once in awhile Steanso's ol' philosophy degree wants to raise its ugly head. And Steanso believes that true evil is a lot more commonplace and banal than people want to believe- it takes root, as Kant would say, every time a human being treats another human being as a means rather than an end. Thus concludes this odd rant.

Well, the weekend is at hand. San Saba County will be playing at 10:00 tonight at Ego's. Go listen to them sing those songs about them West Texas girls. Good stuff.

By the way, here are some comments from Austin (Travis County) District Attorney Ronnie Earle which he has given in response to questions about his investigation of Tom Delay and other politicians who have accepted illegal corporate contributions in return for favors:

'They dictated laws; they enriched themselves and produced public anger that resulted in a reform movement. We really can't allow corporate wealth to translate into political power without abusing the public interest.'
— In a courtroom speech in which he likened the Texas Association of Business to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and to the American robber barons of a century ago.
June 2004
'This isn't about Tom DeLay; it's about corporate greed. They can always find another Tom DeLay.'
— To the Austin American-Statesman, explaining why his office was investigating businesses with links to DeLay.
November 2004
'This investigation is a little like clowns coming out of a Volkswagen in the circus. There's always another clown coming out.'
— Hinting to Newsweek magazine that his office's investigation into alleged illegal fundraising by Texans for a Republican Majority will result in more indictments.

The Republicans are clamoring for Earle's resignation and stating that Earle's investigation is biased, conducted only for political gain, but Ronnie Earle is entering his late sixties and contends that he has no plans to pursue a political career once he leaves the D.A.'s office (and what chance would he have, anyway, as a Democrat politician in Texas?) I have met the man and worked extensively with his staff, and I think that he just wants to see a little less corruption in our state. I think that the Republicans who work for the D.A.'s office stand by Ronnie Earle's personal ethics and know him to be a fair man. Once again, the Republicans are trying to shoot the messenger, but this time the messenger has some power to fire back....

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