Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day. The Steanso/Crackbass party was quite a success, despite the rain, and we'd like to thank everyone who came out for the soiree.

The party was fun. Andy and Rami showed up and publicly argued about whether or not they engage in nude photography (they do- this has been established on other occasions when they told us all about it, but apparently they were too drunk to remember this when they were arguing about it on Sunday). Sigmund was at the party and spent a lot of time pontificating and convincing Kraber to run away and join the pool-players circuit (don't go, Jennifer, we need you here!). Reed Shaw made a late night appearance and was roundly congratulated on the birth of his new daughter, Meredith. Chris Griego showed up and demanded sweet snacks. Then salty snacks. Kelly, Colleen, and Lisa (Colleen's sister) showed up, looking stylish as usual, and told stories of race cars and hair design. Rosa and Nathan showed up and Rosa argued with Dan about whether or not there was any value in letting cases get old and moldy before you offer a good deal on them. Heather Shaw came to the party and smoked a lot and tried to make me get her stuff whenever I stood up. We danced for a song or two, but I was pretty tanked, so I mostly stood and shuffled a bit while Heather twirled around me. The Pea was feisty buzzed and called Crackbass a bastard when he asked her a few pointed questions about an ex-boyfriend named Wayne The Stain. I'm not sure what Kim Bloom did, but you can bet it was funky.

Also this weekend, Steanso's parents were in town, so Steanso took them (with the help of the Wilsons) to the Nutty Brown Cafe, where we saw the Derailers, ate fried things, and danced the night away. We also ventured over to Casa de Shaw to meet little Meredith and bequeath presents to her. She didn't say a lot, but I think she was pretty impressed by the rattle and chew ring.

Yesterday we had Mono E practice, and we rocked out to such classics as Big Bottom and Last Dance with Mary Jane. Then I foolishly joined the Wilsons for a late dinner at The Outback Steakhouse (it really is like stepping right into Australia), which made Steanso sleepy, so he went home and went to sleep with his equally sleepy three-legged dog.

By the way, I think there's a brothel on my block, 4 house down. Crackbass called it first, and Steanso didn't believe him, but now Steanso's seen the hookers with his own eyes.

Crack would like to announce that we are now taking applications for auditions for The Chickenheads (i.e., the new Crack backup singers). All applicants must be female and funky. We can't promise you fame or fortune, but we can promise you cheap beer, the opportunity to suffer some slight sexual harrassment (and before you get bent out of shape, keep in mind that Crackbass and Dirty Sensat already sexually harrass the male members of the band), and the comradery of your fellow musical exploration team. Also, sometimes Crackbass cooks for us. But you gotta be funky. Hey ladies!!!!

OK, I got no political rant for today because I've watched no news all weekend. No wonder I feel more peaceful today....


Sigmund Bloom said...

I heard retardo wilson was there too.

J.S. said...

I thought it was just 'Tardo Wilson. It just sounds better with only two syllables.