Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday. Nice.
Steanso is sliding into the weekend like an steroid-addled slugger coming into home plate. No one best get in the way.

Here's another feather in George Bush's cap:
Gut the national forests and sell out to special interests all in one fell swoop? It's the opportunity of a lifetime for the Bush administration! Don't worry, George- your grandkids didn't need to know what nature looked like, anyway.
This administration has really made me so angry that I literally feel like I can't process all of the bad things that are going on as fast as they are occurring.
At least Iraq is all cleaned up and in good shape, the prospering democracy that Bush promised us materializing before our eyes.
I really do challenge anyone out there to please, PLEASE tell me at least one positive change that this administration has implemented. Just ONE!
(and if your response is going to be that we captured Saddam, you can save it, because we've already killed more Iraqis than he did under his regime, we've managed to destabilize the entire region in the process, and we've killed a whole lot of young, American troops in the process of digging ourselves into the whole quagmire. Trading one madman for an equally fanatic and ruthless but more dispersed group of madMEN is not progress- it's just trading one problem for another)

Crack practice tonight and barbecued ribs for dinner. Yum.

Maybe more later.

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