Friday, May 27, 2005

So Memorial Day weekend is upon us. Time for eating barbecue and drinking too much cheap beer in the name of America's fallen veterans.

Here's something funny.
Tom Delay is rattled because a TV show with a strictly fictional plotline took a one sentence, indirect shot at him? It would seem to the uninitiated that Mr. Delay might have more pressing matters on his mind. Some might even say that his feigned outrage is meant to divert attention from this....
You would think that Tom would be expressing outrage over this civil judgement against his campaign cronies, but instead he seems to be fixated on the slander that he suffered by fictional characters on a TV show. It's almost as though he would rather find an easier argument to defend himself against than funding improprieties...

Christian is here again today at the office, playing with his remote controlled car and making things (he calls them monsters) out of sticky notes. If too many minutes go by without me taking a moment out to play with Christian, I typically end up with a sticky note monster stuck to my elbow or leg.

Anyhow, I hope that everyone has a good Memorial Day weekend, and I hope you all come to the party on Sunday at Wilson's place.

Be safe, everyone.

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