Thursday, May 12, 2005

Steanso is still way busy today, kids. Last night Steanso did quite a bit of recording with Eric "The Slavemaster" Gottula, who made Steanso play all of his banjo, guitar, and bass parts over and over again until Steanso's poor fingers were aching. 'Tis a hard, hard life Steanso leads.

This Saturday, San Antonio band Buttercup will be playing at Ruta Maya at 9:00, followed by Charlie Roadman's band, F is 4 Fake. Charlie manages Buttercup, and his brother plays drums in that band. They are really good, with a sound best decribed as tasteful, alternative rock. I think they've been picked as the best band in San Antonio by the San Antonio paper for the last few years, and they just played South by Southwest here in Austin. I don't know as much about F is 4 Fake, but Charlie's a good guy and a good musician, so I look forward to hearing them play as well (although Charlie has assured me that his band is not as good as Buttercup, but isn't that the kind of thing a good manager would say?). Anyway, anyone without plans should consider going to Ruta Maya Saturday night, and maybe calling Steanso so he doesn't have to roll solo (my usual wingman, Crackbass, will be out of town).

What else....? Damn. I can't think of anything, and some client is in the waiting room with his five kids, waiting to see me. I guess I'd best go. Peace, out.

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