Friday, May 13, 2005

Steanso is very, very tired today after having made the trek up to Round Rock last night to celebrate the birthday of Christopher "Griegor" Griego and to watch the Spurs lose to Seattle in Game 3 of their playoff series. Happy birthday, Chris!!!!
On the way up to Griegor Manor, Weedo and I stopped off at Chateau de Gottula to listen to Erock's new Mono E mixes, which are still a little rough, but sounded really good, on the whole. Eric's music room at his apartment is an experiment in modern day mysticism, with chairs suspended from the walls, tapestries covering the ceiling, old photos, Simpsons paraphanalia, flags, candles, and strange objects in jars that look like brains or other bodily organs if you don't look at them too closely (more strangely shaped candles, maybe?). All of this stuff is packed in around a bunch of keyboards, drums, amplifiers, mixers, and other equipment that Eric uses in working his musical voodoo. It's just one of those interesting spaces that speaks volumes of truths about the person who works within it, existing as much in the universe of Eric's mind as it does in the suburban apartments of north Austin.
What else...?
Superfriend Jennifer "Killer" Kraber is playing in a 9 ball pool tournament up in Vegas this week, so let's all send her some good mojo so she does well and has fun.
Reed and Jen Shaw's baby is due any day now. No news on whether it will be a boy or a girl. I fully expect for the kid to be fully versed in Phish lyrics by the time of its first birthday, however, and for the kid to be playing some form of drums or percussion by age two to two and a half. I'm sure that the kid will have a working knowledge of the Vikings' offensive and defensive set formations at any early age as well, but I'm less inclined to celebrate this knowledge due to the lifetime of pain and sorrow that being a lifetime Vikings fan is likely to cause the poor little bastard. ; )
And here's something fun:
Big, big surprise. Tony Blair's notes from meetings with the Bush administration from 7 months before the invasion of Iraq indicated that U.S. intelligence was being manipulated in order to strengthen Bush's case for a move towards war (by making Saddam look more dangerous than he actually was). It was already felt at that time that military action was was "inevitable." Bush wanted to remove Saddam, and intelligence data was tailored to support such a conclusion. Weapons of mass destruction and terrorism were seem as underlying issues that could be used to rationalize the invasion, despite the fact that in truth, Saddam was seen as less of a threat to U.S. security than Libya, North Korea, or Iran.
This article doesn't contain any news that surprises me. It doesn't even shock or outrage me anymore. Instead, it just makes me wonder how history is going to look back upon Bush's two terms in office and this entire invasion debacle. I have a feeling that the recounting of these events is not going to read well for America. Then again, who cares? Apparently no one is reading these history books in the first place, or we probably wouldn't be in Iraq at the moment (see Vietnam War; see also Soviet invasion of Afghanistan).

ooookay. I just reread my blog, and I was wrong. I do care about being lied to in order to start a war, apparently for little reason other than to support the monetary interests of the Bushes and the Cheneys in the Middle East. It pisses me off and reinforces my belief that this administration is evil, evil, evil. For a second there I felt a sense of resignation coming on, but it's passed- mostly because I know that any feeling of resignation on the part of "liberals" is what these nazi conservatives have been fighting for this whole time, and giving in to them makes me part of their domination program, so I must never, ever be anything less than angry when they try to shove their bullshit down my throat.

"War is peace.
Ignorance is knowledge.
Freedom is slavery."
- 1984

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