Friday, April 30, 2010

Spurs Win; Facebook in Austin

Hey! So how are you guys?
Jamie made a really nice chicken dinner last night, so I want to send out some thanks and some kudos for that.

Still don't have too much. It's been a tough week for the blogging.

The Spurs beat the Mavericks last night to move to the next round in the NBA playoffs. I haven't really been watching an awful lot of professional basketball this year, but I'm a longtime Spurs fan (going back at least to my days at Trinity, when some friends and I used to buy cheap, nosebleed seats and go watch the games at the Alamodome), and it's always good to see the boys doing well. It was nice to see George Hill rise to the occasion. Also, the Spurs and the Mavericks have developed a fairly potent rivalry over the years, so I have to admit that it's a little extra fun to watch the Spurs take down the Mavericks, especially in a year when most people have been claiming (some fairly loudly) that the Mavericks were the better team.
The Spurs aren't all that flashy, but over and over they've proven that they can get the job done.

What else? Apparently Facebook has leased a location in downtown Austin, and is planning on eventually employing up to 200 people at the site. So that's kind of cool. Of course, it occurs to me that these sorts of companies may sort of come and go, and the whole Facebook phenomenon could dry up really quickly if someone came along with a new, better social media site next month (remember when MySpace was the next, best thing?). Nonetheless, it's cool to have a companylike Facebook moving to town and giving some people jobs. Now if only we could get Facebook to stop playing fast and loose with our privacy (hey Facebook- I don't want you selling or giving away info from my profile page, and I'm not crazy about other people "tagging" pictures of me without my permission, either!!)
Oh yeah, I also think that this new Facebook headquarters should have spaces available for people to get together and hang out with all of the "Friends" that they have on Facebook. I'm not sure what this would look like or how it would work, but Facebook should have some sort of place where people meet up with the people that they keep u0p with online. Maybe they should donate a park to the city for this purpose. That would be really cool... (and a great PR move).

Well, that's it for now. Maybe more later. Either way, I hope you Adventurers have a great weekend!!

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