Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Short Post; Supreme Court and Animal Cruelty Videos

Hey! Hope everyone is doing okay. Today has just flown by, and once again, I didn't get around to writing anything last night.
The Supreme Court today struck down a law which had been meant to ban videos that contain images of animal cruelty. I was pretty disappointed that the law was struck down, but it sounds like the court was concerned about the way that the law was written. Essentially, the court felt that the law was too broad- meaning, essentially, that the law wasn't specific enough in prohibiting depictions of animal cruelty and that some of the things that the law was banning might be the sort of things that could be legally protected expressions of free speech. The court specifically made reference to instructional videos on hunting and fishing and so forth, saying that under a literal reading of this law, such depictions might be deemed illegal- a result which the court saw as a clear violation of free speech.
So once I read a bit more about the opinion, I sort of saw what the court was saying, but I hope a new law quickly gets written and passed which is more specific and which more clearly defines and prohibits dogfighting videos and other depictions of animal cruelty.
I also thought it interesting that Alito, a conservative, was the voice of dissent in the court's 8 to 1 decision, saying that the court was engaging in the creation of fanciful hypotheticals instead of curtailing the "depraved entertainment" provided by dogfighting videos and other depictions of animal cruelty. I guess even those mean ol' conservatives love their dogs!!
Anyway, someone needs to write a new, better law and not just give up on this issue. I'm convinced that a better law might pass judicial scrutiny.

Well, that's all that I have today. Sorry it's a little lame. I'll try harder next time!


Paul Toohey said...

I didn't like how people were railing against the court for this decision. They aren't saying that they think it should be legal to make those videos, they just were saying that they law as written was illegal.

J.S. said...

I hear ya, Paul! And thanks for commenting!