Thursday, April 15, 2010

Short Post; Obama Shifts Gears on Space Stuff

Well, it's been another busy day with no time for blogging (and I didn't get around to it last night, either).
It sounds like Obama is basically scrapping NASA's plans for a return to the moon and instead is trying to steer the space program toward additional deep space exploration missions, a manned trip to Mars, and the development of new technologies which would make it easier to move supplies and equipment into space (thereby allowing humans to work and stay in space for longer periods of time). I guess I'm pretty cool with that. I like the objectives that the president has laid out, and I'm really not so sure how important it was for us to return to the moon, anyway. Mostly I'm just happy to hear that even in a time of economic difficulty, the president is still willing to expend resources on the space program. Not only do I just find the whole thing fascinating (in terms of the knowledge that we gain from exploring space), but I the program has historically proven to have the capactiy to drive technological innovation, create jobs, and serve as a sort of rallying point for national pride (hopefully a mostly bipartisan one- and we could use that right now).
Just for the record, Obama has managed to hold an international nuclear disarmament summit and spelled out a new strategy for U.S. space exploration - this week. What did I do this week? Ummm.... I played some XBox. That was cool.
Well, like I said, I don't really have time. Talk to ya'll tomorrow. Have a good one!


The League said...

You sort of can't plan the Mars trip without practicing and planning based on moon trips. I am... confused.

Mars is also much, much harder to reach than the moon, let alone to return from.

Nobody supports tax-dollars for NASA like me, so whatever. But... I am wondering whose plan Obama is buying.

J.S. said...

Well, I had read somewhere that there were some scientists claiming that we needed to go to the moon in order to go to Mars, but that other experts were saying it really wasn't necessary at all (that the moon trip was primarily just a goal that NASA knew it could obtain and which might help guarantee the agency's continued existence). I have no idea which story is true, but I think the link between another moon trip and the success of a Mars trip was at least a point of serious contention. And I thought the moon tie in was more in terms of it being a staging area than because of a need to practice. But I'm not sure about any of this...

The League said...

Well, as long as we don't go to Jupiter. The Jovians are total jerks.

J.S. said...

New band name: Jason and the Jovians. Who wants in?