Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ryan!!

Well, it's my bouncing baby brother's "birthday" today, and this year he's turning 35!! It's hard to believe that it was 35 years ago tonight that our family heard a small explosion near our home and then wandered out of the house to see a strange, green glow in the woods a short ways away. I clung to Mom's hand as Dad cautiously climbed down into that smoldering crater, and a short time later he emerged with the newest addition to our family! (well, I guess technically we weren't sure whether Ryan would really be part of the family until after we got him home and Dad chopped off the tail and tentacles, but once we were sure he would pass for "Steans normal" we knew we had ourselves a keeper!)

Anyhow, happy 35th, Ryan! Hope you've been enjoying these orbits round the sun, and I hope you enjoy the upcoming ones even more!

Grudgingly, since it's your birthday, I guess I'll admit that you're a pretty good brother.... but don't get used to it! These sort of admissions only happen once a year!

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