Monday, August 04, 2008

Well, it's sort of a difficult Monday today after being out at a conference for a week, and then having Friday off. Kinda sorta makes you hungry for some real vacation. And my sleep schedule is all out of whack.
The weekend was pretty good. Spent quite a bit of time down at the creek and at Barton Springs. Had some pretty good meals with friends. Last night we had a pretty good Mono Ensemble practice. We had a few hiccups on some of our songs, but we played pretty well, overall, and in particular, we started out with a really cool improvised jam that we didn't record and will probably never play again. It was kind of an angular thing with irregular beats, but it had a really cool groove and a few melodic solos. Oh well- that's kind of what you get with live music. Sometimes you're glad you're not recording because you make mistakes that you'd rather not have a record of, but then sometimes there are these moments that approach musical greatness that just sort of materialize out of nowhere before fading into the past, and you try to appreciate them as they're happening because you know that you're never going to hear those sounds played in just that way ever again.
Man, I'm rambling. Point is, we had a good practice.

And I don't mean to freak everyone out on a peaceful Monday morning, but did anyone else read about this crazy knife attack/beheading that took place on a Canadian bus this weekend? Ummmm.... what the hell? It seems like one of the strangest crimes that I've read about in a very, very long time (I'm sure that more details will come out, but it seems like a random knife attack against a stranger by some previously mild-mannered, 40ish, Asian guy). I'm not sure why I even find this thing interesting, except that the seeming randomness of it makes me wonder if the defendant, Vince Li, might have been suffering from some kind of severe mental illness or whether he was undergoing some kind of psychotic break. The suspect isn't really in the age range where mental illness often makes its onset, but nonetheless, given the situation, mental illness certainly seems possible. Since I deal with mentally ill defendants on a daily basis, there's always the possibility in the back of my mind that one of them could become violent. Obviously, on the Travis County mental health docket we strive for treatment over simple incarceration or punishment, but stories like this one are reminders that we're also here to protect the public, and that the consequences for failing to get treatment to a person who needs it can be quite severe (granted, I only deal with misdemeanors, but it would be good to catch people like this, if possible, before they do something that gets them on CNN).

And another chance for rain as Tropical Storm Edouard approaches the Texas-Louisiana coast. I guess the people along that area of coastline probably don't need another severe storm mucking things up for them (they already got zapped by Katrina and Rita a few years back), but we could sure use some rain here in Central Texas (my lawn is turning to straw, people).

Well, that's it for now. Maybe more later.


Anonymous said...

It was the Wendigo, man.

Fear the Wendigo.

J.S. said...

I remember reading this story when I was a kid where these guys were tracking a Wendigo out in the woods in the middle of the night. They could just hear these echoing, inhuman screams, and they were tracking these big footprints, but then the footprints got longer and longer as the Wendigo ran faster and faster until finally the tracks disappeared (he went up into the sky or tore a hole in space time or something like that- it's hard to tell when you're dealing with the Wendigo).
Also there's the version of the Wendigo legend as retold in the 1999 film, Ravenous, starring Guy Pearce. Ravenous takes more of a Donner Party direction in explaining the Wendigo experience, but it's a pretty interesting film (and it might do a better job of explaining the events on the bus).

Anonymous said...

I have seen Ravenous, and I highly recommend it. Gallows humor, aside from the horror aspect. Also had Robert Carlyle, aka Begbie from Trainspotting.

The bus incident sounded like something from an X-Files episode