Monday, August 11, 2008

Well, for all of the people who left comments last Friday and over the weekend about how Russia was only acting in a peacekeeping capacity and would never use the current conflict as an excuse for a broader invasion of Georgia, I have some serious questions about what's going on now with the Russian military's continuing drive into undisputed areas of Georgia. It sounds like Russian forces have made moves against cities such as Gori, a city outside the South Assetian contested zone, and other areas which aren't really part of the South Assetian claim.
Anyway, I know that emotions run high on the Russian/Georgian conflict over South Assetia, but the Russians are already on dangerous enough footing when they choose to interfere with the internal political troubles of an existing nation. Attacking parts of Georgia that really aren't in question (as seeking independence) seems to only make the motives of the Russians more suspect.
I still think that the U.S. and probably NATO as well need to step in and lend peacekeeping forces if the Russians continue to drive into Georgia and occupy portions of it.

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