Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Hope all of you kids have a kid day."
I don't quote myself too often, but somehow, accidentally, I wrote this as my closing sentence yesterday, and in retrospect, it's sort of interesting. I probably meant to say have a good day, but "have a kid day" is something a little different, isn't it? But maybe I should be advocating "kid days" every once in awhile- just kind of living spontaneously and whimsically for an entire day and taking part in whatever activity strikes your fancy, without planning or premeditated intention. Come to think of it, kid days are the kind of thing that I often have when I wake up on a Saturday without plans and end up down at the spillover with Cassidy. It may not sound like the most productive way to spend your time, but its hard to argue with the wind in your face, the sun on your shoulders, cold water on your feet, and the wagging tail of a happy dog at your side. And the fellow Austinites that I interact with down on the creek are a good lot as well.

Not too much to report on. I played a lot of Grand Theft Auto last night because I'm trying to finish it out. Also watched the Democratic Convention and a wee bit of Ghosthunters. Ghosthunters always sucks me in. I don't really believe in ghosts, but I really want to see one, anyway (and I know people, trustworthy people, who swear that they've seen things). The lady who sold me my house, The Hop-a-Long Lodge, told me that my house might be "a little haunted" when I went to close on it. With real estate agents sitting all around us, paperwork covering the conference table, and a chuckling Jeff Wilson sitting at my side (my own, low rent real estate agent), the prior homoeowner, Kari, told me that her grandmother used to live in my house and had passed away there. Since that time, Kari claimed, she and her daughter had periodically heard the sound of slow-moving, grandmotherly footsteps and occasional whispers coming from empty rooms. She promised, however, that she would take grandma with her when she moved out, and I guess she did, because I haven't heard or seen any sign of anything since moving into the house. Oh well. Probably all for the best. I would hate to think that Cassidy and I were disturbing some poor old woman with our loud music and tomfoolery.

I went and had a nice post-birthday lunch today with Team Bloom (Kim's birthday) and Jennifer at Enoteca. It was good, but I ate too much.

One final note. I didn't watch all of the convention last night, but I did see Bill Clinton speak. Bill has his strong points and weak points, but, man, is he ever good at giving speeches. He just seems absolutely at ease in front of large audiences, and he has the gift of a natural orator (his cadence and rhythm just kind of build as he goes along, and he has a knack for developing devastating arguments and for conveying inspirational ideals). Anyway, there's absolutely no comparison between the intelligence and leadership skills that were on display last night versus the bumbling incompetence that we've been presented with for the last 8 years. Hearing Bill Clinton speak was just a refreshing reminder of how different things can and should be. For those of you who didn't hear any of what he had to say, you can check out a transcript here.
In the last eight years, wages have declined, job growth has declined, pension and health care benefits have been cut, poverty is one the rise, and America's income disparity has grown at a rate that hasn't been seen since the 1920's.
To quote Bill, "[The Republicans] have taken us from record surpluses to an exploding national debt; from over 22 million new jobs down to 5 million; from an increase in working family incomes of $7,500 to a decline of more than $2,000; from almost 8 million Americans moving out of poverty to more than 5 1/2 million falling into poverty — and millions more losing their health insurance... Our position in the world has been weakened by too much unilateralism and too little cooperation; a perilous dependence on imported oil; a refusal to lead on global warming; a growing indebtedness and a dependence on foreign lenders; a severely burdened military; a backsliding on global nonproliferation and arms control agreements; and a failure to consistently use the power of diplomacy, from the Middle East to Africa to Latin America to Central and Eastern Europe."
How many of these issues are not the kind of things that Republicans would necessarily refute, but which they don't even really care about?
We really, really need a change.
Anyway, as I said at lunch today, I'm still very worried. Sometimes it just doesn't seem like there are enough voting Democrats in this country to beat the Republicans without the intervention of a third party candidate. I'm not sure.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know a Republican supporter is still reading these......just holding my tongue right now to keep my friends. I have some thoughts, but just feel like everyone has an opinion right now and we're all interested in having a better tomorrow.....just how that will happen....we have different thoughts on that...but still reading Jason....still reading....

J.S. said...

Oooooh, Meredith, you're still a relative newcomer to the blog. It will get worse. Much, much worse. You should look up some of my old rants about trying Bush for war crimes. I bet you'll find those hilarious.