Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy birthday, Dad!

Sooooo..... I wanted to send a happy birthday shout out to my dad! I hope he's having a good day, and that things run smoothly for him today in bean counting world.
My mom and dad are in the process of building a house out in Steiner Ranch with the intention of moving here in a few years after Dad retires from his career of financial ninjitsu. Anyway, as the house has gone up we've been seeing more of Mom and Dad, and it's been nice. It'll be good to have them in town when they finally make the transition.
Anyway, many happy returns to The Admiral! It sounds like I'll be seeing them over Labor Day weekend, so we'll do some more celebrating then, Dad...

For people who don't check the comments section of my blog, my friend Dr. Kevin "The Pope" Palka informs us that he was listening to a Nashville sports talk radio show this morning and heard none other than Crack's Sigmund Bloom talking about football on the radio. Congrats to Sig on spreading his football wushu across the air waves! You Adventurers keep your ears open for Sigmund on your sports-related talk radio. He's everywhere and yet nowhere.

And there was a good op-ed piece on the CNN page today from James Carville (whom I am a tremendous fan of). Carville lent some unsolicited advice to Obama, but I think Obama would be wise to take note of it. One of the most important things I think Carville points out is that Obama needs to get angry. Well, Carville uses the word angry, but maybe that's not the best way to put it. Obama needs to convey an intensity and a sense of urgency to the American people. It may be true that Americans are getting tired of partisan, divisive politics, but at the same time, Americans are facing serious, large-scale problems, and they need to get a sense from their leader that he understands how important these issues are to American households, that he has feasible, effective plans for dealing with these problems, and that he really believes that his plans are much better for the country than more of the same broken policies that the Bush administration has left us with. Obama needs to express a sense of outrage beyond beyond defensiveness about his patriotism or character- he needs to understand and respond to the sense of outrage that Americans feel in regard to a government which has gotten them into a pointless, costly, endless war, created an economic downturn which threatens to substantially harm our standard of living, caused long term damage to our country's reputation and stature within the world community, repealed our civil liberties, damaged our environment, etc.
Obama needs to remind people of exactly how much damage has been done over the last eight years and how angry we all used to be about these things before we got numb. He needs to remind people that although McCain may not cause as much damage as George Bush did during his presidency, he really won't fix things, either, and right now America desparately needs someone in office who will work to bring about real change- get the economy going, get us out of Iraq, restore some American credibility on the world stage, etc..
Carville drives his point home with an attempt to bring out some facts from a book called Unequal Democracy by Larry Bartels- facts that can cut through all of the spin, sophistry, and bullsh*t:
"... since 1900, Democratic presidents have not only "won" but dominated on every economic front: GDP growth, employment, deficit and income equality. Need more? How about a better performing stock market and a more fiscally-responsible spending?" Carville reminds us that, " There's no need to listen to McCain's marginal rates, death tax, deregulation, trickle-down, supply-side shenanigans because historically Democratic presidencies have produced better economies."
Anyway, I've always admired James Carville for his passion, dedication, and his fighting spirit. I know there are some who just see him as a liberal spindoctor, but I disagree. Carville supports his arguments with facts, and whenever possible he tries to seek out nonpartisan or bipartisan sources. He's an incredibly intelligent guy, with a wealth of knowledge regarding various policy positions at his command. He's not afraid of a fight, and he's willing to stand toe to toe with conservative pundits and knock them out in point by point arguments. Frankly, the Democrats need many more people like him- people who don't think they're above the nitty gritty of political argument and who don't mind taking on the task of tearing down the illusions, exaggerations, and outright lies of conservative mouthpieces. The Democrats need more people who relish confrontation rather than fearing it, and they need people who are smart enough to understand the facts behind various policy positions and able to explain them in language that voters can easily understand.
Anyway, Obama probably ought to be listening to Carville as often as the man is willing to lend him advice. I would.

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You meet most of the criteria, sooooo, get involved!

Thanks for the birtday cake.