Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hey! Well, we're still waiting for our Tropical Storm Edouard rain here in Central Texas. They're predicting that it will get here this evening or tonight, but I'm still half expecting the whole thing to take some kind of drastic, last minute turn and to head off to the north or somewhere else that doesn't deliver rain anywhere near my South Austin homestead.

And wow! My brother commented on this on his blog, but apparently scientists have just discovered a previously unknown, but relatively huge population of gorillas (up to 125,000) in a northern portion of Republic of Congo. Good news for a species that's been fighting extinction for quite some time. Researchers and conservationists say their next challenge will be to work with the Congolese government in protecting this newly discovered gorilla population.

And Travis County employees may be getting a 3% raise. It's nice to be loved.

Well, I'm not really feeling all that creative today.

On NPR this morning I heard that Ron Suskind has a new book out (Way of the World) in which he claims that the White House ignored specific intelligence about the fact that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (provided by a high level Iraqi intelligence officer) and that, furthermore, the White House collaborated in the fabrication of a letter which attempted to establish false liks between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, claiming that the terrorist organization was facilitating Hussein's purchase of yellow cake uranium from a source in Niger. Suskind claims to have specific high level sources within the CIA and other government organization to support his claims.
I think that if credible evidence is ever produced that George W. Bush and his cabinet members participated in the cover up of legitimate intelligence or actively participated in the production of false intelligence to support the invasion of Iraq, then those people ought to be indicted and tried for war crimes (for perpetrating a war of aggression against another country under false pretenses).

Well, I gotta go. Hope you kids are having a good day.

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