Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hey. Happy Tuesday.
Last night I went to the Alamo with some friends and saw Tropic Thunder. Pretty funny, although also pretty violent. That's two movies like that this week, if you count Pineapple Express. Then again, Pineapple Express was sort of a spoof on a buddy movie/crime pic, and Tropic Thunder was a spoof of an epic war movie, so the violence had its place, and neither film seemed to expect its audience to take the violence very seriously. Its just a little strange to go see a comedy where people are getting shot and/or blown up. Americans desensitized to violence? Nah....
Anyway, I enjoyed both Pineapple Express and Tropic Thunder, although I probably laughed a little harder during Tropic Thunder. Don't want to give too much away.
What else?

Not much, I guess. NATO is saying that Russia isn't living up to the terms of its cease-fire agreement, but Russia is making counter allegations that the Georgians aren't holding up their end, either. Can't we get some kind of international peacekeeping force in there? I don't get it. Anyway, as I've said before (in the comments section, if not in the posts), it seems less and less likely to me that the Russians are only interested in the safety of the South Ossetians. Of course, in feelings which are undoubtedly echoed by much of the international community, at least one pro-Russian commenter on my blog has pointed out that the Russians had at least as much right to invade Georgia as the U.S. had in invading Iraq. Arrrggghhh!!! We might as well get used to having that thrown in our faces. ( I sort of wonder if that wasn't the first thing out of Putin's mouth when Bush spoke with him at the Olympics)
Incidentally, I also want to point out that I'm not anti-Russia or anything like that. I hope to visit Russia some day. I even have a good deal of respect for Putin, and I believe that he thoroughly believes that he's acting in the best interest of his country. All of that being said, I really do think that we all need to stand up to our leaders and demand that our militaries be used only for defensive purposes and not for aggression. This includes seeing through flimsy excuses in which our leaders launch aggressive strikes and then try to label them as defensive (i.e., the "weapons of mass destruction" argument or claims that you're protecting your fellow Russians right before steamrolling over an entire country). We deserve leadership which works toward a stable, secure world, not leadership which undermines stability by initiating conflict.


Anonymous said...

Steans Bros--
A colleague recommended Alan Moore's "Top 10".
Thoughts? Yes/no??

The League said...

A little off topic?

Moore's Top 10 is definitely a good investment (but you can skip the short spin-off, "Smax"). It's Hill Street Blues in a city where literally everyone is a superhero.

Gene Ha's art is some of the best in comic-dom, and the millions of little details, throw-away gags, etc... make for a comic you'll be pouring over, panel by panel.

Also recommend "Promethea", which ran simultaneously with "Top 10".

Feel free to e-mail me anytime with comic-related questions.

J.S. said...

Yeah, I really don't know too much about comics outside of a few things Ryan has pointed me too. I don't mind off topic comments, though. Anything to keep the kids entertained...

The League said...

I'm running my own show over at League of Melbotis, so feel free to drop comic-related questions there anytime, too.

Anonymous said...

Ry--- I will definitely shoot comic related ?s your way on your blog. I thought Jason was more familiar with the genre than he is.

On a topical note (Tropic Thunder):
Are Jack Black and Ben Stiller still relevant? They have their respective shticks, which they seem to reprise ad nauseum. Same with Robin Williams. I see their names in a movie and I am decidedly LESS interested in that move. Meet the Parents was great. High Fidelity was great...but recently?? Meh.
Especially when compared to a Robert Downey Jr.

J.S. said...

Yeah, when it comes to comics, I mostly just stick to the stuff that Ryan recommends. Of course, Ryan reads lots of comics, and recommends quite a few things (although fewer things lately than he used to).
When I go to the comic shop with Roundball these days, I tend to drift around and look for stuff that's less superhero related. Horror comics and other stuff. But Ryan's definitely your go to guy on comics.
And Tropic Thunder was pretty funny, but, to your point, I definitely thought that Robert Downey was by far the best character in the movie (although, strangely, Tom Cruise had an oddly funny role).