Thursday, July 10, 2008

I didn't really want to talk about this during the hectic five minutes that I had to write a post at lunch today (plus, I wanted to include a photo, so I needed my home computer), but today marks the two year anniversary of Jeff's passing. For those of you who didn't know Jeff, he was one of my best friends and my neighbor. He was a fun person, a loyal friend, and he still enters my thoughts every day- we did a lot of stuff together, and his thoughts, opinions, and comments bubble up in my mind when dealing with everything from various food items, to movies, to music, to scotch tape (Jeff had a real problem with anything that was sticky. No, I never really understood it.)

At any rate, I just had to say that I'm thinking of Jeff, and I still miss him a lot. My thoughts are with Mandy and with Jeff's family, and of course, with Jeff.

Peace, Crackbass.

(here's a pic of Jeff in the Wilson's backyard near their pond)


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you for keeping Jeff's memory alive. As a resident of Austin I have been following this trajic story since it started 2 years ago. 3 Days ago I found out that Jeff's wife Mandy is the same Mandy that I was friends with in Elementary school in Beaumont. She has been in my thoughts and prayers this week. I hope that she and Jeff's family and friends are doing well.

As an aside, I went to the Gypsy Kings show a few years back at the Erwin Center, I thought I saw Mandy, but wasn't 100% sure and didn't want to make an ass out of myself approaching a stranger if it wasn't her ..... Now I am pretty sure that it was her and am kicking myself from missing the oppportunity to say hi and meet Jeff in person.

From what I have read on you Blog, and Jeff's as well, he was truly am amazing person and those who knew him will be forever blessed because of it.

Hugs to Mandy - -

Tara Smith - Bizzocchi

Anonymous said...

You never understood the stickiness because you're not obsessive compulsive like Jeff. I do understand. I have those tendencies. I have been the same way since I was a little kid.


J.S. said...

Yeah, you guys have pretty different manifestations of OCD, but I'd heard Jeff describe himself as such (he used to tell me about how he would feel compelled to count things in rooms- windows, ceiling tiles, light fixtures, etc.).

Anonymous said...

Jason, i couldn't help but read your blog on the 10th, and was pleased to see the picture of Jeff in his backyard. Your friendship was special to Jeff as well. Thank you for remembering him on this sad day.

J.S. said...

Thanks, Jajuan. Jeff was truly a one of a kind friend. I'm always going to miss him.

Anonymous said...

I was playing Neutral Milk Hotel all weekend in tribute. Jeff burned In The Aeroplane Over the Sea for me, and it has become one of my all time favorites.


J.S. said...

I really like that album as well, and also learned about it first through Jeff. Jeff Mangum has an anguished, desperate quality to his singing that's pretty unique (Gordon Gano of the Violent Femmes comes to mind by way of comparison, but they're still quite different), and the melodies are fairly simple, but kind of haunting. Good stuff. I know that Jeff was always waiting for another album from them, but I've read that Jeff Mangum isn't sure whether they'll ever do another one (or whether he'll even record any more albums with any band at all).