Monday, July 14, 2008

Goodbye, Grandma Ross

Well, the weekend had some highs and some lows. Friday Mandy grilled some great food for a few of us over at her place (thanks, Mandy! It was really good, and I especially loved the boudin!), and I saw Hellboy II with Ryan and Jamie. Saturday my dad came into town to come check out the progress of my parents' new house out in Steiner Ranch. I had a few meals with Teams Steans and Dad (aka, The Admiral), and Saturday night we all went and saw WALL-E. Dad stayed at my house Saturday night. On Sunday he got up, we went over and grabbed some breakfast at the Central Market Cafe before Dad left town. After Dad left I went to Barton Springs for awhile with Ryan and Jamie, and after that I had band practice with the Mono E.
All of that stuff was pretty good, and overall I had a nice weekend, but yesterday evening, right at the beginning of band practice I got a phone call from my mom letting me know that my grandmother had passed away out in Florida (this is Grandma Ross- she's on my dad's side of the family, but had remarried before I was even born, so her last name is Ross). She suffered a heart attack, which may or may not have arisen as a complication of her diabetes.
Grandma Ross was 84 years old, and she and my Grandfather Ross (who's actually my step grandfather, but has been my grandfather since I was born, so he's just my grandfather as far as I'm concerned) have been a part of my life since the time it began. They've stayed at our house for many Christmases and other holidays, and I remember visiting them out in Florida when I was a kid, near Miami.
Grandma loved World War II and post World War II era big band music (I remember the Lawrence Welk tapes in their big ol' car) and Everybody Loves Raymond, and she was always quick to collect on a hug and a kiss from us as we ran around the house as kids. She had many stories about Dad from when he was growing up, and if they were cute or funny enough to embarrass the Admiral just a bit, she enjoyed telling them that much more.
She was my grandmother, and I loved her and I'll miss her.
My heart especially goes out to Grandpa Ross, my Uncle Bob, and my dad, who lost their wife and their mother, respectively. Grandpa and Grandma Ross had many happy decades of marriage together, and I'm sure that this will be very hard on my grandfather. And my dad and uncle, of course, have lost the mother who raised them (and my uncle and my dad's character speaks volumes about the fact that Grandma Ross must have done a very good job as a mother- we're all the accumulation of our life's experiences, but perhaps no experiences mark us as indelibly and shape our personality as firmly as the formative experiences that we have as children). My dad is an amazingly good man who has served as a role model for me throughout my life, and Grandma Ross helped to shape him into the person that he is. So, aside from my own relationship with her, I'm grateful that she gave me my dad- and Uncle Bob (who's had an amazing life and career of his own, and who's no slouch, either. ;-)
Well, the arrangements aren't really solidified yet, but I'll be flying out to Florida this week for her funeral.
I love you and we'll miss you, Grandma, and I'll be thinking of Grandpa Ross, Uncle Bob, and Dad.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear this news...just checked Melbotis and didn't see it on there. But many hugs to you and the rest of the Steans crew. I am sure she was an amazing woman, who raised a great son that had the two clowns that you and Ryan have become :) Safe travels to and from FL this week and please tell your parents I am sorry for this loss too....I love your mom and dad. They were always so sweet to me through the KO days.

J.S. said...

Thanks, Meredith. I'll pass along the condolences to the rest of the fam.