Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sig!

Well, Kim and Sigmund are still in India, but they've got at least some limited internet access (I've gotten one email from them), so I want to go ahead and send Sigmund a birthday shout out and some well wishes. No reason he shouldn't still be able to absorb a good birthday vibe, even if he is halfway around the globe.
Sigmund is a good man, and more important than that, he's a fellow journeyman in our savante garde supergroup, Crack.
I look forward to Sigmund's return with his electrified sitar, a new cosmic awareness, and maybe, if we're lucky, some form of intestinal parasite (which Sigmund can name and raise as family).
Hope those Blooms are having fun and that Sigmund is raising a glass of... whatever they drink in India (Bombay gin, maybe?).... on his birthday! Many happy returns, Sigmund!

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