Monday, March 22, 2010

More SXSW; Birthday Party

So this weekend I saw a lot of music, had some friends over to celebrate my birthday (thanks for coming, everyone- I had a great time!), and rocked out with the Mono Ensemble. It was a really good weekend. You just have to love Austin in the springtime!! Here are a few pics. They're out of order, but it was a bit of a whirlwind weekend, anyway, so maybe the random order is appropriate.
Roundball lovin' those SXSW crowds!

Woodhands (from Ontario). They were cool and fun.

Phantogram (a cool electronic band from upstate New York. Also from the future)

Jennifer and Donna Rene chat it up at my house

some friends came over to celebrate my birthday!

a band from england called Let's Wrestle. I thought they were pretty darn good.

Generationals (from New Orleans- I wasn't super blown away)

Crack flag birthday cake (if you've ever been to ACL Fest you might recognize this cake- which was awesome!! I'm 7 years old)

The Cassavettes (from Boston, but originally from Dallas- they were okay, but didn't have a very original sound)

A Giant Dog (from the good ol' ATX. Unfortunately, I wasn't too impressed)

Alejandro Escovedo performs on South Congress behind Jo's coffee shop
Anyway, it was a great weekend! Thanks to everyone who helped make it so much fun!

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