Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Happy Birthday to Me!!

Hey! I hope everyone has a good (and safe) St. Patrick's Day!! And yeah, I'm not above mentioning my birthday on my own blog! I've said this before, but I'm pretty sure I might be the world's biggest leprechaun!!
Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day!!! My birthday wish is that all of you Adventurers just enjoy yourselves today!!

* Thanks to Jennifer, Kim, Sigmund, Miles, Rosa, and John for taking me out for a birthday lunch! I had a great time! You guys rock!


mcsteans said...

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Also: That clover is unnerving.

J.S. said...

Thanks, Jamie! I actually kind of like the clover!

Anonymous said...



J.S. said...

Thanks, Dad!

Anonymous said...

I had a great time at your birthday lunch too! I hope the rest of your day was fantastic!