Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And Biden Keeps it Real

Apparently Joe Biden dropped the F-bomb after introducing President Obama at the signing ceremony at the White House. Leaning in to embrace President Obama as the president approached the podium, Biden apparently said, in a low voice, "This is a big f___ing deal". Biden kept his voice down, but not low enough to avoid the microphones.

Ha ha ha. I like Biden. I think the Democrats really need Biden, and could probably use one or two other guys just like him. Biden reminds people that the Democratic party isn't just for elitist, egghead liberals. Biden is just a big ol' glaring reminder that the Democratic party really isn't about elitism. It's just as much for everyday folks who just happen to feel strongly about looking out for the well being of their neighbors. I like Biden- gaffes and all.

(note: it's a little hard to hear Biden in the above clip. Here's a link to an LA Times clip where you can hear him a little more clearly- just in case you care.)

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